Wednesday, April 19, 2006

When Push Comes To Shove...

I channel my inner Chiba. Who do you channel? (Sonny Chiba: "The Street Fighter". Also, he played the sword maker in "Kill Bill".)


Logophile said...

Well, I am not typically involved in alot of pushing or shoving.
If I were to be though I would probably want someone who does their fighting silently and at a distance.
A sniper ninja kinda thing.

The Grunt said...

Ahhh, good choice: silent but deadly. I like Sonny Chiba because he's this really cool, but intense dude, and has these classic psycho faces he pulls when he fights. A very Japanese, Samauri kind of guy.

Gentleman-hobbs said...

Shit I bet this bloke has touched cloth a few times in his life. If you liked the ping pong girls you'll love the fruit and veg sisters in the book - they fire off 2KG of Lychees and a water melon.

Anonymous said...

Hel - Goddess of the Underworld!!!

actually, i usually just channel "happy bunny"©. oh wait, i *am* happy bunny!


vera said...

im not anonymous!!!
bluddy blogger!