Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kind of Creepy

There's this guy at work who likes to relate his dreams to me. I guess I'm some kind of oracle--more like I can't run fast enough to get away from crazy people. Did I mention that I attract lots of crazy people? No comment on my blogger friends. The jury's still out, right?

So, this past while, this guy's dreams have included me in them. This has me worried. I asked the guy why I was so prominently featured in his dreams and he blushed and put his head down. He never said anything, but his silence was loud and clear. If I were gay my life would be a snap. Aaaaaaah!


Crystal said...

you know what is weird? i actually dreamt about you too a few nights back. i watched some movie you made with princess leia fighting a witch. swear to God. a marvelous director you are.

West of the Sun said...

THAT made me laugh. ;)

mona said...

is he in your dreams!?

The Grunt said...

Crystal~That's cool. You know, I bust my ass off every night trying to come up with good dreams for people and now I get praise. All I can say is, thanks, and that does not creep me out at all. I would love to hear the whole dream sometime.

Mona~I've dreamt about his sister before, but she thinks I'm weird.