Monday, April 10, 2006

Emotional Rape Kit

I'm not talking about a kit to emotionally rape someone with, but something like the rape kits that they do at the ER. Do they have these? If not, then, why don't they?


Scott said...

Excellent point. This needs to be worked on and perhaps it could be your raison detre!


Vera said...

They do. It's called counselling and its $150/session. TYVM.

mona said...

One word: Therapy
plus it's to painful- better repress them and grow your hair like Marge Simpson

The Grunt said...

Counseling is for chumps--just kidding. Yes, there's that, but I want a "kit" like a first aide kit, something portable that you can take around with you, just in case.

Vera said...

Like a home-lobotomy kit?
Perhaps a chisel, a hammer and some gauze?