Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Typing for attention

Hi! I was feeling a bit lonely and decided to post something so you would feel obliged to comment. There's not a whole lot going on at the moment. I've had some good hikes. Um, I haven't really been listening to any new music. I've been trying to watch a few horror flicks a week to get myself in the Halloween mood. The McRib is back, so I've been ignoring any kind of sensible eating lately. I still dream of winning the lottery and buying my own volcanic island headquarters, in which I will plan my take over of the world. Yeah, it wouldn't really be an evil take over; in fact, I think people would find me to be very nice. I would certainly consult with people who would have your best interests in mind. Part of my plan would be to provide a sanctuary for homeless people, but it would be more of a "preserve" than a shelter. I would recreate their natural environment, provide plenty of "walk throughs" with extra change to give, and enough boxes and dumpsters to keep them happy. The public would help fund this "homeless preserve" by spending money on jeep safari tours through the homeless preserves. Poachers would be fined heavily.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I love cemeteries. In fact, some of my favorite people in the world are in them right now.
I don't get creeped out that much. It's more a feeling of peace mixed with pondering my own mortality. There is also mystery as to who the people were that have been laid to rest there.

I love Fall. October ushers in a different spirit for me. I tend to fight it at first, but then I give in and let it take me where ever it wants to go.
Usually, I go and check out various sights, such as cemeteries and ghost towns, during this time of year. It fits my mood and keeps me interested in life. Funny how death and decay has a way of bringing to light how lucky you are to be living...and I am lucky to be living, despite all of the loss and hardship in the past five years of my life.
BTW, I wish I could pull off the "Uncle Fester" look once more, but only for a night and not because of cancer. What a great look for Halloween.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Feelin' a bit posty and unfocused

I've had less and less to say lately. There's no one reason for it. My desire to pour my heart out to the world is something that isn't that important to me anymore. I get a feeling that what goes on in my head is best kept in there. Maybe I fear getting myself in trouble or in risk of ostracization, which would be fine with me, so long as my family doesn't disown me. I guess what I feel and think is a bit different, so sayeth the Lamb. It's not like I'm some great innovator, rich man, or guru. I'm the weird adult, who was the weird teenager, who was the odd child. I've tried to see things the way I was supposed to and I'll be honest, I couldn't see that sail boat in the 3D picture where you had to cross your eyes, either. So, I guess I am just supposed to surrender my perspective and go along with it all to make everyone happy and comfortable--whatever works. Bleh...I need to stop bitching and do something better with my life.

I think I will write a novel about Frankenstein, only he's hunkier and starts a virtuous romance with a teenage girl. If only the jocks with garden implements and torches would just leave him alone. Yeah, that's the ticket.

My latest craze has been finding abandoned mines and Native American rock art around the hills where I live. I am amazed at what I have found in my backyard, so to speak. I have found a couple of steam engines and boilers, panels of rock art, and more poison ivy and snakes than I care for. The weird thing is that in one area that I've found a network of mines recently, I had reoccurring dreams about, going as far back as ten years ago. In those dreams I was finding all sorts of holes in the mountain. Well, in real life, I did find the mines, but they are all mostly reclaimed or caved in. It's a good thing, because abandoned mines are death traps.

Okay, it's time for me to go to sleep.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Apparently, love is not enough and is not the answer

It was First when John was 4 and then 8 when he heard the Beatles sing "All you need is love". After that his minister told him to shut up about the Beatles, put some money in the collection plate, and read his bible.