Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Still Feelin' Twangy

Anybody up for a little Ace of Spades?


Thomas said...

I didn't feel twangy at all today. Damn it!

Vera said...

i hope Twangy doesn't mind. it looks like he could get a little medieval on your ass if he did...

Logophile said...

I had almost recovered from the LAST one.
Do you have to look like that to feel twangy?
And why would you want to do either?

The Grunt said...

Thomas~Just let yourself go and the twang will come.

Vera~Well, this guy died last November, at age 76, so I don't think he's still twanging, on this earth at least.

Logo~This is really annoying you, I can tell. All will be back to normal, soon.

Explanation: This is the man who invented the power chord. He is Link Wray--the missing link--the hillbilly wolf. Kind of a scuzzy looking dude, I know--a bit creepy. But I play guitar, so I see past his ugliness.
Link Wray was most famous for instrumentals, such as "Rumble", which is instantly recognizable by anyone not living under a rock for the past 50 years. He also was covered by Motorhead, "Ace of Spades". His guitar tone was real twangy.

You see, last night I got home, wanted to plug my Strat into my home brewed '59 Fender Deluxe style amp, and twang all dimed out. Of course, 11:00pm just isn't a good time to wake the neighbors with TWANG, TWANG, TWAAAAANG! Bomp, bomp, de-bomp. TWANG, TWANG, TWAAAAANG! So, I had to express my twang in a different manner. Sorry for exposing you guys to the "ugly".

Logophile said...

Ahhhh, you should audioblog a piece of him playing, cuz the dude is fricking ugly, but I am all for some good guitar.

The Grunt said...

Logo, I'll have to learn about audio blogging first. I'm a little bit behind the times *blush*. Quentin Tarintino uses this guy's stuff heavily, in his movies.

Logophile said...

Grunt, audioblog is a total breeze.
You add it to your account on your dashboard page and then call it in, baybay.

Logophile said...

P.S. I was not THAT annoyed, it is just alot of ugly for one man to be.
You'd feel sorry for him but he seems to be enjoying it so much.

The Grunt said...

I know, Logo. I'm just teasing.

I'll work on audio blogging probably this weekend. Joy!