Friday, April 28, 2006

My 55 Flash Fiction Entry

This is something that Logo and The Barefoot Mistress have turned me onto. This is where you write a fictional story with 55 words, no more and no less. Of course I, being an aspiring fiction writer, will throw my hat into the ring. I don't write "nice", so hang on.

Pools of blood collected in the folds of the tarp.

Devin:"This wasn't necessary, you know?"

Jean:"His head is...busted open."

Devin:"Hey, we can't go back to yesterday. Grab the corners."

Jean: "Oh, dear God. The wedding's slipping off."


Bored@Home said...

hey this is really cool! i just foung the website and its a pretty neat idea, where did you find out about this and are you planning on keep writting?

Bored@Home at

The Grunt said...

Hey, Bored at Home! Welcome to the blog. Thanks for the compliment, too. There is so much here that you'll find interesting, I hope, so look around.

Yes, I am planning to write "for reals", and hope that I can provide many people with great stories to enjoy.

Check out the blog on my sidebar "Dog's Life". That's my blogmate Logo's site. If she's around, she'll get you sorted.

Vera said...

This just speaks to me.

English Professor said...

Grunt, I lose track of who reads whose blog. Do you follow

The Grunt said...

I don't, but I notice that Bookfraud frequents your blog. So, I'll have to check it out. Any reason that you ask?

Logophile said...

Ooooooooh, Grunt,
I like it.

barefoot_mistress said...

Why yes, yes, you definitely write dirty.

LOL, thanks for shout out and for playing Grunt!


word veri: ubook

Thomas said...

I regret to inform you that I count 56 words.

The Grunt said...

(Pushes up nerd glasses) It's actually 44 words and I was wondering if anybody would really try to count the words and bust me. I figure if it can be done in 55, I can do it with 11 less words. The real story was that I was super tired and didn't care, so long as I was under the limit.

Thomas, you may have been bluffing, but at least you were the first to question my authority. You can move up to first chair clarinet now.

mona said...

have you read Amercican psycho?

The Grunt said...

Mona, back from vacation? I missed you. I haven't read the book, but have seen the movie. So, I'll have to put that book on my must read list.

mona said...

seriously the book gave me nightmares, I kept hearing the main characters voice in my head as I was trying to fall asleep...way too creepy! but well couldn't stop reading it..
and not on vacation yet!! soon though :)