Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Yeah, Imma Goober

Sometimes I can't help but feel like this guy here. I so wanted to be like Floyd the Barber. He's Cool. Otis was sure entertaining, but I don't think I would be cut out for a drunkard's life. I don't have Barney Fife's temperament. I am in many ways like Andy, pretty much all the time, and look like Opie. But, for now, I feel like a Goober. It isn't so bad, actually. Those ignoring me for any reason, please, I will wear the hat and fix your car if if gets you back.

Which Mayberry character are you channeling at the moment?


Clearlykels said...

Hmm, the only woman I remember from that show is Aunt Bea. I mean, last night I whipped together an awesome dinner-- so I can go with that, but my clothes are much cuter.

You can only be Goober if you make that face in the picture.

Chris said...

I'm Gomer, the guy who left town and joined the Marines and who later became a gay singing sensation in lounges all over Hawaii.

vera said...

I am thankful to not have been exposed to a lot of American Television programs while growing up.
If I had to choose, and I mean "Gun to the Head" kind of decision... then of course, I'd wonder why I would be amongst people that would hold guns to your head and force you to make a life vs. death choice based on the question "which character from uber bad American Television programming would you be? or I'll blow your brains out"... YaKnowWhatIAmSayin'? Really, I think I'd choose death, now that it's come to me hanging out with the lunatic fringe of society...

LindzyPinzy said...

hmm... I don't remember that show

Sun Follower said...

I'll be Opie. Skipping stones and fishing sound like heaven to me right now.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I'm channeling Andy's upbeat, positive attitude, but I'm getting my wires crossed and screwing up like Barney.

Maybe I'll channel Opie...I like sun follower's comment. :)

Logophile said...

I never really watched that show, I will be the whistler at the beginning though

Christielli said...

Hmmm, i never ever watched that show, but isn't Opie Ron Howard? And he's loaded now with all of his big movies, so I'd channel him I suppose.

The Grunt said...

Kels~You'd make a wonderful Aunt Bea, in spirit that is. I bet that dinner was indeed delicious, too. Yes, cuter is good. BTW, I'm making the Goober face right now:D

Chris~ I always wondered how you got your rich baritone. Now I know. BTW, you are re-linked. I love your neon header, too.

Vera~ You are channeling the spirit of Tom Cochrane, who wrote a song that went like this, "Lunatic Fringe
We know you're out there
But in these new dark ages
There will still be light".
Great classic rock song, btw.

Lindzy~Gosh! Where have you been? Not heard of The Andy Griffith Show. Must've had a life or something;)

Sun~ You get my vote. A vote for what, you say? A vote to make you president of this post's comment box.

O-Girl~ One of my friends is just like Barney and it cracks my shit up all the time.

Logo~ You know how to whistle? You just put your lips together and....Uh, I just about passed out from blushing right there.

Christielli~ Smart choice: Going for the big bucks!

Mama~You were here in spirit, I could feel it. You read it, I assume. Why are you channeling the goat that ate all the dynamite? Interseting choice. I like it!

Zeke~Well, after that knife fight we had a few years ago, I thought we'd never get on speaking terms, let alone non-stabbing terms again. Okay, Otis the drunk it is!

West of the Sun said...

I used to date a man who called me, with much affection, Goober.

Plus there is a candy called "Goober". Truly, what more can you ask? Nothin' wrong with it.