Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A guy dies and goes to heaven...

He is greeted by angels and he asks to see God. Upon meeting with God the man is informed that he will not be staying, that his time on earth is not finished. He is allowed to have a short conversation with God before he has to go back.

Man: Whoa! That star just exploded. It seemed like it was in an instant. How long did that really take to happen?

God: Billions of years.

Man: Well, I guess time up here is different. Like, a million years on earth could be a minute here, or something.

God: You can look at it that way, I suppose. Time is relative. Time really doesn't exist here.

Man: Well, maybe I don't get that part, but if a million years on earth is like a minute here, does the same hold true for money?

God (humoring the ignorant man): Sure, why not. Yeah, my one cent here will be worth a million dollars down there.

Man: Well, since I gotta go back anyway, why don't you give me a penny to take back with me?

God: Tell you what, son, when you get back down there I'll give it to. It will just take me a minute.


Cash said...

WAIT ...that has science, humor ... you are totally ripping off my schtick. Just for that, I am going to accumulate a bunch of hot girls who leave comments for me.

That'll teach you.


P.S. Can you introduce me to some hot girls who can leave messages for me?

P.S.S. Thanks in advance.

goldennib said...

That God is a real pistol.

Mayden's Voyage said...



vera said...

The theme this week on a lot of blogs is quite God-dy. There must be something in the air, the planets are misaligned or some diety has gas, perhaps.

If by hot you mean Norman Bates-esque... That probably can be arranged.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I always knew God has a sense of humor. At least this time it wasn't at my expense.

The Grunt said...

Cash~All I can say is that if science humor gets even more beautiful girls to comment here, I'll be the first person to credit you with being the scientist/mentor. I can't help it if dumb luck and a pirate's charm fell right into my lap. Ladies, go give Cash some love. He works hard on his blog.

The funny thing is I'd give up all the hot women in the world for just the right one. You can tell I haven't been married=)

Goldie~Isn't he, though? He was telling me the other day that the real reason Eve ate the apple was to get back at Adam for not clipping his toe nails.

Mayden~I've become rather impatient with patience.

Vera~ All I know is that I don't want to piss any of them off.

O-girl~ Well, if you feel you have it coming and want to just get it over with, just hang out at a street light for a bit. It seemed to work for me;)

Photogirl said...

hehehe. Hey how are you feeling?!

markis said...

good one yo!

The Grunt said...

Celeste~I'm doing better. Still loopy from the drugs, but I went into the doc's today and am going to need light physical therapy. Things are going well so far.

It's funny, I'm well enough now to take my dad in for his surgery this Friday to get his gall bladder removed. I don't want there to be another accident...heh!

Markis~I knew you'd like that one.
Good to see someone represent Texas, man.

Logophile said...


Clearlykels said...

It is fun to start the day with a joke! Thanks!

goldennib said...

Grunty: That seems reasonable to me.

OutInLeftField said...

Thats really funny! Thanks for making me smile :)

The Grunt said...

Outinleftfield~ I shall dub thee L-field for short. Oh, and thanks for dropping by my bloggy!

Goldie~I'm waiting for my pennies from heaven. I'll share with ya when they come.

Clearlykels~ De Nada. Keep visiting me, alright?