Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday's Post: Uh, let's see....

No pics. I'm going short.

I had a wierd dream last night that I was sliding down a dried up creek bed standing, like I was skiing, and on my backside, also like I was skiing.

I feel pretty strange lately. My nose has started bleeding more, but that has been one of my deals for as long as I remember, so it doesn't bother me much. I'm glad I finally got some rest.

Listening to Cheap Trick and Slayer lately. Rounding them off with A Band of Horses, Flamin' Groovies, and The Rancounteers.

Lost weight again. Did any of you notice? I have a bunch of clown pants now.

I've peeled out in Clyde this week enough to need new tires. It's something I do.

Haven't flipped anyone off this week. Still waiting for a reason. Hell, that's right; you don't need a reason to flip someone off nowadays.

Okay, you all have a good day.


The Grunt said...

I guess I just need to post more pics of deformed animals.

vera said...

Oh please don't!!!!
Wrong Wrong Wrong!
Oh so very wrong.
I feel really dirty after looking @ those pics. I need my "Silkwood" shower. Extra hard wire bristles, please.

Logophile said...

No more animals!
Since you've dropped more weight does that mean you are gettting rid of those shredded up pants?

goldennib said...

Try taking vitamin k for your nose bleeds. It helps blood clotting.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

A crazy dream...well at least that means you slept. I'm glad. I'm hoping for a record of two in a row for you.

You know those crazy dreams where you are naked and everyone laughs at you? Well I had a crazy dream one time that it began to snow (which is crazy enough here in Ga.) and it was one of those "real good" Ga. snows where all the grass was covered and it was about 3 inches deep. Then the snow changed into soap suds. Everyone was out sledding and throwing sud balls...naked! But I was the only one who wasn't naked. Everyone was making fun of me because I had on clothes!

My dreams are so crazy that I even screw up those "waking up in school to find out that I'm naked" dreams!

Photogirl said...

You drive a car named Clyde? Or you were wearing a Clyde-suit? Or you were peeling out while in the character of your alternate personality Clyde?

sorry. I couldn't think of anything better to write.

The Grunt said...

Celeste, Clyde is my not so lean, but mean and forest green machine--pickup truck. I'm not a hick, honest!

O-girl~That is an awesome dream. Was I in it?

Goldie~Vitamin K it is. Thanks!

Logo and Vera~You will get what I give you and be thankful;)

Logophile said...

You can't make me be thankful!!