Monday, August 07, 2006

JTM45 Bluesbreaker Combo

This here is what dreams are made of: A 1962 Marshall JTM45 Bluesbreaker Combo. This is the producer of Clapton's famous "Woman Tone". It also helps to have a Les Paul going through it with a tone bender and a wah wah. Now, this is my fantasy: To have my dream gal sitting on my amp while I play something with low resonant notes. That's woman tone!

This is one of my next projects: To clone a Woman! I will not do a combo, but a head. To have head or a combo? Maybe I should do both.

Two of these, KT66's, give out fat hairy tone, not quite the Marshall crunch yet, but close--more like rolling thunder, early AC/DC. The "Crunch" came along with their 100 watt Plexi Superlead, sporting four EL34's and a hotter front end. That's Jimi Hendrix's baby.

I don't apologize for my inner geek.


Gentleman-hobbs said...

don't our individuality and imagination, not to mention word f mouth is what drives the world forward. Pity big business works the opposite way helped by the media whores.

Chris said...

Say, where does the soda come out?

Logophile said...

You know, I think you can just buy some amps at Sam's Club.

Did I just make you cry like a baby?

The Grunt said...

~True, G-Hobbs. Plus, you already know that Marshall is from your side of the pond. Although, Marshall pretty much did rip off the '58 Fender Bassman to produce this amp;) It does sound different, though.

Chris~Yeah, I love old tubes that look like coke bottles. Not to mention the jump to "Cream" soda. Hey, we are talking about Eric Clapton.

Logo~your "knock" only makes me laugh a hearty laugh. There will never be any amplifier worthy of my guitars that comes from Sam's Club. There is not even any comparison.

Chandra said...

While I may not know the in's and out's of music equipment, your words explain the passion. NEVER apoligize for your inner geek for it is who we all TRULY are.

Have an awesome day

vera said...

\m/ Geek On!

goldennib said...

You make electronic equipment sound dirty, you know, rock-n-roll dirty, baby.

Crystal said...

nice equipment ya got there. yes. i am being dirty.


p.s. i like goldennib's butterfly. i can't stop staring at it. no. i am not being dirty.

Photogirl said...

We all have an inner geek, expose yours proudly!

The Grunt said...

Hi Chandra, welcome to Gruntonia! Btw, it was through sheer determination and attrition, but I did have an awesome day.

Vera~ \m/ indeed.

Goldie~and now you know. Spread the word;)

Crystal~Remember what I said about my gigs? You don't need a ticket. Btw, YRTFC!!!

Celeste~I will and there will be more sexy geek posts coming!!!