Monday, August 14, 2006

Grunty, you 'ave some esplaining to dooooooo!

Okay, I need to clear things up.

Logo knows that I've been seriously dosing on the trucker pop--caffeine! It seems to be one problem--a big addiction. At least it isn't speed or meth.

I have also had some anxiety that I'll hear my dad's cries for help again--I'll find him passed out and naked again, or worse. You know it's bad when 911 is on speed dial. This has kept me up and worried to no end. Oh, BTW, I do live with my parents: I have been taking care of my ill father while my mom works off her last until she retires. This has stressed me to my limits and am looking forward to having my freedom again.

I had a major fight with someone close to me (3D).

I had a misunderstanding with Crystal. This post and the previous one, that she unfortunately saw, was not about her. Crystal is one of my best online friends I've made ever, and I was horrified when I saw that she felt the way she did. Can you just see my face when I saw that comment? My heart plummeted. I'm so sorry, Crystal. God, how could I ever write something so nasty about a great friend like you? If I did write anything bad like that about you, God would spank me hard--I'm talking about the real one here. If anyone here even for a moment thought anything bad about Crystal, get down on your knees right now and pray to God for forgiveness. If you don't do that, then God will have me do something biblical to you. Ok?

My insomnia has to end. Sleep apnea is also a problem in my family. I sure as hell hope I don't have that. Insomnia really messes with you. It has made me worry more than usual, so I've seemed obsessive. It has also made thoughts pop up that are not welcome. I know what to do with these thoughts--just kick them out as soon as they enter, then talk to somebody right away. If I was hounding you, whoever, just know that I eventually find someone who can talk to me and I'm good. I can't help it if I have preferences=) You should feel good that I try so many times to get your attentions. It means I think highly of you and value your words. You know who you all are.

Thanks everyone. You have all helped a great deal, and I will reward you all for sticking with me. There's going to be some rip-roaringly funny shit coming up. I just needed to vomit out the darkness first. I don't want to taint the pure gold coming up.

The dove in below's post is for peace. I hope that settles it.



Logophile said...

Damn it Grunt, you are not allowed to upset Crystal, her gramma had a heart attack!! Sheesh
Have some compassion on her poor nerves. Good thing I know you would never do that on purpose or I would be forced to do something Biblical to YOU, emrods sounds about right.
Ease up on the go juice there, Vaultboy, it's not an addiction to be attempted by wimps. You clearly don't have quite enough Viking blood.
Anyway, get some sleep, ya freak.

markis said...

yo dude, what you're doing is at the very least honorable. one of the most important things people fail to do these days is taking care of our parents. the other "most important" (if you ask me) is that we don't take care of the children. it's nice to know there are the YOU's out there doing it right! gotta sweep your steps from time to time, tho, yo. keep doing good and keep on strong like a lion...

vera said...

Caffeine has never really had that huge of an effect on me. *bounces off the walls with eyes crossed and hair in a wild fury*
Grunt, if anything, you keep it real.
And now... *adorns the +20 Shirt of Smiting*... who had ill thoughts about Crystal???... That's what I thought... Keep it to yourself!

Queue_t said...


don't over do the caffeine- that alone will keep you up all night!

how about something relaxing a good book a warm bath soothing music- you get the idea?

we worry ( royal we used here) about you and try to get some shut eye- important for being able to keep up all the good works.

goldennib said...

You have alot to deal with and it gets to the strongest of people. You are to be commended.

Insomnia sucks the big one.

I can't drink coffee. The chemicals besides the caffine do not agree with me. I have to stay away from it. Maybe you should try. Switch to a different knid of caffine and stop using before noon.

Valarian root does work (Scott's suggestion from a previous post.) They even carry it in bid drug store chains now. It is a muscle relaxant so don't take it while operating heavy machinary or a keyboard.