Monday, August 14, 2006

Early Bird Special

I have had problems lately within. I could not sleep. I haven't been sleeping, unless you call passing out at inopportune times sleeping. I have been obsessed with other's sleep. God, why can't I just sleep?

I got up at six and worked on a post. I posted. I hope nobody read that post. It is unfair to put stuff like that up. I know that some of you know me well enough to probably get real worried about me, so I took the post down and am going to give today a chance. I changed my mind. This would have made #3. There's never going to be a #3--I'm determined (Takes a deep breath and uncrosses fingers).

The one line I will share from that deleted post is this, "Conclusions aren't worth playing hopscotch with here." The other's involved eating my brainstem like lobster, so I think I made the right decision to take it down.

I'm going to be around family today, so I'll have company. God, help me. I just can't help it sometimes.


vera said...

aggitated insomnia is possibly the worst kind... your brain goes 1000 km/second...
i could have about a million cliches and words of wisdom and all that trash that people just can't bear to hear at times like this... i won't bore you with those but i will say this... "i totally hear ya, grunt..."

Crystal said...

i saw your previous post. i feel like i have something to do with this and it is killing me.

LindzyPinzy said...

now Im curious

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Vera's right. That type of insomnia is the worst. I didn't read your previous post but I really hope that whatever is bothering you will soon pass (or at least allow you to sleep.) Take care of yourself!

logo™ said...

I wish to **** I had some smartass snarky thing to say right now, but I don't.
Be well, babe,
and chill the fuck out.

Scott said...

Fuck man... I am feeling for you and you are in my thoughts. I had this time of insomnia and I was reading fight club at the same time... not good man. take care of yourself and try some valarian root.

And seriously if you need to get something off of your chest you have my email.

Cheers buddy,


markis said...

i think it's time to laugh my friend

and dude, what a beautiful photo, thanks for sharing!

The Grunt said...

Ok, I hope that the new post explains it all. Sorry for the mixup guys.