Thursday, May 31, 2007

TIGF!!! (That's Incredibly Gay Friday): Proactive Solution Commercials

I just like to stay up and watch these things because I start to feel like I am right there in the living room of Kelly Clarkson or Jessica Simpson. I even feel tears well up in my eyes as I see the struggle that each person had to go through to overcome their "pizza face" youth (P-Diddy, I feel your pain). To me, it is like witnessing a real miracle in this modern day, a time where miracles were once thought dead.

I am convinced that somewhere within the contents of Proactive Solution there is concentrated "Essence de Jehovah", and maybe a hint of Holy Spirit. There has to be at least enough contained in one bottle to start your own cult with. A truck load of this stuff might just put Scientology out on its ass and in dire straits. Scientology, you've just been served. What you got, huh? You're leaving this racket tits up my friend.


goldennib said...

Did you hear in the news how people are saying John Travolta's 15 year old son is autistic and he won't admit it because Scientology considers autism a weakness?

Photogirl said...

I think Jess must have fed proactive to John Mayer in order to dupe him into dating here. Its not actually acne medicine, its an evil love potion!

Jules said...

I lived in the shadows of Jessica and Kelly for a while, until the stuff made my fce turn into one itchy red hive. I'm no longer part of the cult.

egan said...

Man do I ever love those late night tv commercials. I like the DR Brushcutters and that crazy question mark guy.

Scary Monster said...


Me will respond to the tag on Monday.

Chandra said...

Ok so i am curious to know if this worked for anyone. Not my brother, cousin or me. Maybe you could start having a product testing line??? hmmm possibilities...oh also you never said your mixed tape song to scott...let's hear it!

Logophile said...

I've heard stories about that stuff, it will eat your face off, man!

The Grunt said...

Nessa~ I haven't heard that. That is awful if it is true. I have lost a lot of respect for John Travolta in the past while.

Celeste~ Welcome back, dahling! I know your affection for Mr. Mayer is deep. Tell you what, if I can get Jessica away from him, you then throw a sack over John and throw him into the "deprogramming" van. Sound like a plan?

Jules~ Good to hear.

Egan~ I've always wondered where the Crazy ? Guy lives. I bet it is somewhere underground.

SM~ Cool Beans!

Chandra~ I finally submitted my song. It was "Talk about the passion" by REM.

Logo~ Yeah, it is as if the dermatologists are on the cusp of ruling the world.

Anonymous said...

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