Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hobbled, still holding

Friends, I have been dealing with really bad physical pain lately. It got to the point where I seriously found my state of mind being profoundly affected by it. I am going to be taking it easy.

I am trying out some orthopedic insoles that might correct some problems that I have been having with my hips and lower back. Giving up a physical job might be what I need to do for my long-term health. I have been this kind of handy man for so long that I really feel out of place anywhere else. But, I need to find out something else to do that won't have me on my feet all day, being in odd positions for long periods, and lifting heavy objects. There goes my dream of being Oprah's private gigolo.

I was tempted to do a lot of things that would not have really helped me out in getting rid of this pain. I would have been relieved of pain in the short term, but ultimately paying a higher price. I can see the why some fall into the trap of abusing prescription painkillers, other than pure recreation.

I really think that I can take some measures to get through this without resorting to painkillers because I still feel that my body is young and not damaged enough so far. The insoles and back brace for starters--corrective measures. I need to stretch more often, something that I used to do when I was a skier. I need to take breaks and time off. I need time to heal instead of always sacking it up just to keep my rep intact. I really don't feel like the people who take advantage of my dedication would be there for me if I were to be out of work due to a disability. Really, fuck them with a flagpole. They just seem to like the fact that I make their lives easier.

Oh, go ahead and tell me I'm wrong about the last part. You know you want to ruin a perfectly good rant.

I don't think this will effect my blogging too much. So, you are not getting rid of me that easy. Bwahahahahaha!


Logophile said...

I fail to see how fucking someone with a flagpole is going to help, I mean, just lifting the darn thing is going to be hard enough and then all that repetitive movement?
Id come up with something better
Hope the insoles help, Grunty

goldennib said...

I agree with Logo; lifting someone whose on the business end of your flagpole can not be a good idea. Work smarter not harder. Hit them on the head with the flagpole then kick them when they are down.

There is nothing worse than chronic pain and back pain is the worst.

Hypnosis really works on relieving pain and you can get self hypnosis info free at the library.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Poor Grunt. I know how hard you work and what a toll that kind of work can take on your body.

I do hope you feel better. Rest! Even if it means calling in to work for a couple of days, REST!

I agree with Goldennib's flagpole use ideas.

Clearlykels said...

I am not going to lie-- there is not much better than a really good stretch.

Crystal said...

i agree with kelly. except only if by "good stretch" she really means, 3 hour masturbation session.

blog Portland said...

How is this going to effect your burgeoning career in porn? You do, after all, have the perfect name for it.

Photogirl said...

This is where a hottub would come in realllly handy.

Stretching is good. Massage therapy works for me when I'm in a lot of pain. It helps get rid of toxins and tissue damage that are just hanging out in your muscles, making them worse.

Also, have you tried chiropractic? I also use that as a method of treatment for my back pain. It helps aleviate the strain on your spine and nerves so that your muscles can start to heal.

That's it for Back Health talk with Dr. Celeste. Next week we'll take a look at those nasty litte buggers, we in the medical world like to call hyughlensgsphs.

Sun Follower said...

I'm thinking of a medieval stretching device that some guy with a hump on his back cranks while you wince and moan... but I bet it does wonders for your back!

Feel better!

Jules said...

Can I be with you on the giving end of the flagpole? I wanna see their faces as they writhe in the pain that you are feeling now.

Shit. Sorry G-babe... Here's a kiss to make you better: Mwaa!!

The Grunt said...

Logo~ You gave an honest effort to derail my rant. Bravo and thanks for the mwah!

Nessa~ I will try the hypnosis. Ha, your ideas are going to be field tested first.

O-Girl~ How'd you know I was poor? Thanks for the concern. It helps.

Kels~ Yes! I'm thinking that yoga would be good as well. Do you do yoga at all?

Crystal~ Now I have you and Kels associated with 3-hour masturbation. Somewhere a dove is crying. I could say something creepy, but I have honest love and respect for the both of ya.

JJ~ Hey, good to see you! The name is perfect. Right now my body ain't. I am in need of repair before I can hit the gym. I am toughened but not shaped by deliberate methods. A surly oaf right off the waterfront, I am.

Dr. Celeste~ I like your medical advice and am intrigued by what "hyughlensgsphs" are. You and Ernie wouldn't throw me out of a hot tub, would ya?

Sun~ There is a market for such things. Ka-ching! Oh, and thanks.

Jules~ How'd you know my newest song's title, "Can I be with you on the giving end of the flagpole?"

Karyn said...


Oprah's ... private... gigolo.

I need a Tylenol.