Thursday, May 10, 2007

I want to be like Karyn when I grown up...

And have 400 posts under my belt! Seriously, go here and leave my good friend Karyn some love, in the form of mucho commentos, por favor. Likey my Espanol?

Counting the nine blogs that I oversee (some have been shelved), I have exceeded 400 total posts, easily. But this blog is my main squeeze and my first. Most of my other blogs are just for my own personal fancy and are not popular--though, they are all top notch. I must admit that it is always a treat to be greeted with this when I visit my Bloglines blog "Welcome, El Bastardo!" Anyway, Grunt Ahoy is for the people. That is why this blog will always be a community rather than a soapbox for me.

I had some random thoughts for y'all, but I will save those for another time. The funny will return. I am not a damn machine!

Just one thing: I really, really don't know if I should learn how to ballroom dance, but I just may.


Karyn said...

I could just hug you.

Thanks for the effort, Grunt.

Me likey your espanol.

And welcome to thirty five.
It sucketh; but it's better than not getting to thirty five, I guess.

Claire said...

Do it! Ballroom dancing always looks like insanely good fun :-).


Keshi said...

Ballroom...I'd say the Argentinian Tango wud suita ya better ;-)


Jules said...

Have YOU been watching dancing with the stars again?!

Men who can dance and who are WILLING to dance are S-E-X-Y!!!!!!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Sure! Why not give it a whirl? Make sure to video it and put it up on YouTube so we can all laugh--uhhh, I meant to say--cheer you on! ;)

Cash said...

I am not sure how many articles I have ... 1200?? I don't get many readers on blogger. On my own domain,, I get about 1200 a day, and on the hard science one,, I had 50,000 last week.

You get a lot more comments here than I ever get on my blogger site so you are doing something right.

Quality over quantity. Congrats, my friend!

The Grunt said...

Karyn~ Well, you are worth the effort.

Claire~ I need the encouragement, thanks!

Keshi~ Remember, it takes two to tango.

Jules~ I will take note of that.

O-Girl~ You Tube would eat my soul.

Cash~ It is all good. I dig your shtick and vice versa. Remember, you are part of what makes this community great.

Karyn said...

Seriously. Hug city. LOL. I keep coming to this page and I'm shocked every time to see my name on a title! Yowza.

The Grunt said...

It's all for you, Karyn!