Tuesday, May 01, 2007

If (with memes attached)

If you could produce your own milk what kind of cereal would go with it best?

If you could crap a bricks of gold who would you tell?

If there were a place on earth where you could throw away your mother in law and get away with it, would you?

If picture can paint a thousand words then how come I can't paint you?

If I can't figure out how I am going to stop itching my calf then the the humane society might have to step in.

If you could have any wish in the world what color would it be?

If a stranger brought you flowers does stranger danger still apply even though you are all grown up?

If a candy bar has been smooshed into the shape of a turd is there a sick sense of satisfaction involved in eating it?

If I don't respond to tags from blogger friends do I still get to have Big Mac Monday time?

Blogs that make me think/favorite blogs (combined): Tags from Mayden's Voyage/Cora & Scary Monster's Me no blog (on my sidebar). Sorry, I am too tired to tag or link. I normally don't do memes. I don't like to do them. But, Cora and Scary Monster are good blogger friends, so I will go ahead and do them my way.

1. Yours (yes, you silly).

2. Mine. I really dig myself and I am a genius!

3. Incorrigible Vagabond (sidebar). He is the reason why I started blogging in the first place, even if he doesn't ever read me. I have read everything he has blogged. I am also his cousin.

4. Daily Bread. My pal from Britain, RJW, who I think jumped off a bridge and hasn't been seen in Bloggerland in over a year. I will post that address if I can find it again. He once did a post about a dead seal and it was true poetry. I am not being sarcastic either. I miss him and his blog.

5. This one is hard, so I will have to say that I dig Captain Kirk's "Captain's Log" because it really was the first blog, in my humble opinion.

Now go forth and drink milk!


vera said...

diplomacy is thy middle name

Clearlykels said...

You know, I have started drinking milk every day. I feel my bones strengthening.

Scary Monster said...

Quaker Oats. Me loves that hat.
No one- Me'd be sittin in paradise livin offa shit.

Nah- Her daughter on the other hand...

Me got a tattoo artist that paints me just fine.

Me would eat the calf...with fava beans.

transparent- just like me.

Me would brew a tea from the petals and weave a basket with the stems...tgif

Me would save it for a Halloween treat and give it to the spastic kid that lives down the street.

Never wait till Monday to have a Mac attack.

Logophile said...

I can produce milk, thank you very much and my kids seemed to really dig it with rice cereal

Claire said...

Random as ever sir.



Jules said...

I think I got lost in all the IF's... can you come rescue me, hold my hand and pull me out of the maze?!

Chandra said...

1) ummm Im a sucker for fruit loops
2) That sounds painful, but lucrative at the same time. Pain for beauty comes to mind.
3)Never would throw her away, unless it was somewhere beautiful.
4)Words can be a picture too.
5)Use topical cream, that might help, or ice.
6)A wish that applies to color... I would want more color.
7)Depends on the image of the person and if they get into my personal space. Getting flowers in the mail from anyone is nice though.
8)If you leave said candy bar in the glove compartment it will do that. If you're hungry, they will eat.
9) What is big mac monday time?

I love questions... although that picture of the milk guy is very creepy and intimidating.

egan said...

So are you the one responsible for creating memes everywhere? I had a hunch you were the one behind these. Clockwork Orange scares me very much.

Keshi said...

r ya tagging me man?


goldennib said...

I love milk but I am allergic to it. I used to break out in a rash as a child. Now it doesn't happen so much.

Why are the things we love so bad for us?

vera said...


Spacecake said...

My wish would be blue.

I really like this post. Seems that many people don't post much these days but the ones who do, post some really awesome stuff.

Thanks Grunt. You tha man.

Spacecake said...

ps. i love that pic with the guy with the milk haha

The Grunt said...

What can a man say to all these people that he loves? I came down with heat exhaustion today and really need to go to bed (smoochies).

Crystal said...

if i could crap bricks of gold, i would first tell my doctor. then i would go down to the place i bought my car and crap out their monthly payment.

and i would pee out the 39 cents.

thank you.

The Grunt said...

Vera~ I get that skill from having to be the mediator between my family and my mentally ill father. It's all wacky fun up in my hizzy!

Kels~ Beautiful girls, such as yourself, need healthy, strong bones. You get a gold star on your forehead for being a good girl that drinks her milk. P.S. When are you going to make me your friend on Facebook?

SM~ I loved your answers. You are right not to wait until Monday for Big Mac time.

Logo~ What today's modern breast pumps can do is simply amazing.

Claire~ The randomest!

Jules~ Of course I will, sugar beat.

Chandra~ Big Mac Monday Time is the day where most McDonald's have Big Macs on sale for 99 cents. I can have two and it will cover my caloric needs for the entire day. The creepy milk dude is Malcolm McDowell's character Alex de Large in the 1971 film adaptation of Anthony Burgess' 1962 novel "A Clockwork Orange"--the movie screenplay and direction handled by Stanley Kubrick. Milk was the grownups', or hoodlums', drink of choice in the story, not alcohol. you probably knew all of that already, but I like to rattle off stuff like that.

Egan~ I swear I didn't start the fire. It was always burning since the world was turning. Yes, A Clockwork Orange is scary indeed.

Keshi~ I would love to play tag with you. You are therefore tagged, my lady.

Nessa~ I know. My love for cheese and rare beef is a good example of this.

Vera~ Be nice. I know what you are laughing at, and tee-hee!!!

Spacecake~ Thanks! I don't visit blogs as much as I used to but I will always try to provide y'all with high quality reading material. Hopefully I will get around to visiting all of you, and you included.

Grunt~ Quit being a plusshy!

Crystal~ You just made me feel much better about owning a 30-year-old truck. I also have descended back into an unhealthy obsession with your ass. I might need you to talk me through this again. Your boyfriend will understand. Anyway, you've known me longer than him, so I should come first. This will help me on the road to recovery.

Crystal said...

dude - any obsession with my ass is TOTALLY HEALTHY.