Thursday, May 17, 2007

Two days after the crud

I felt normal today: aggravated at all the right things, happy at the right times. Having to start over from scratch with some developments in my life. Been there plenty of times. I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but I will forgive myself. I sure am glad that my team, The Jazz, was the first to advance into the NBA (Western) Conference Finals. I was really bummed that Phoenix lost tonight. I was born there and spent the first part of my life growing up in that city. The thought of one of my two favorite NBA teams making it to the finals was pretty nice. Now it looks like that dream may not come to pass. Don't the Spurs already have enough rings?

Anyway, I have had to bum rides lately. I really feel like Han Solo dealing with all of the Millennium Falcon's little quirks here--in fact, there are so many parallels to be made between Han and I (yep) . Clyde is undergoing major surgery and it is hard to get things done on him during the week when I have to work and take care of family. Fortunately, my family also takes care of me where they can. For instance, my mountain of a brother has been a great taxi service for me, as well as a few other friends.

So, my broham was taking me to the bank and an auto parts store to pick up a part that I had to special order. We get that done and decide to hit the local Taco Crime. I think Taco Crime is better than Taco Hell, any day of the week, except Saturdays or midnight onward. Those others, like Taco Faker and Hell Taco, just suck ass. If I am in the big city, however, I hit the taco carts. See, no silly name there. I practice the utmost reverence when it comes to those guys.

We get into the Taco Crime and order. I notice a family that I know sitting at a table having their meal. I go and sit down in the booth beside them and start talking. My brother sits down and their three-year-old kid flips a cow and exclaims, pointing at my bro, "Mommy, Daddy, It's the Banana Man!!!" We were all laughing and having a moment of WTF. We realized that this kid had formed in his head an identity of my brother based on his old yellow 1972 Chevy Suburban that he used to own, the "Banana Wagon". Back then this kid probably didn't talk much. This was the first time any of us heard the kid call my brother the Banana Man. It was so awesomely cute.

I think my brother could possibly become a super hero based on this kid's nickname for him.


vera said...

Mmmm two favourite subjects...
The Millenium Falcon
You sure know your way to a girl's heart, Grunters.
The thing about a good nick-name is that often it overshadows the person's *actual* name...
Aaaaages ago, my "cousin" (dad's cousin's daughter) used to have this AMAZING walk... kinda up on her toes with her head wayyyy ahead of the rest of her body, arms swinging like pendulums, butt up and out and FAST! This girl KNEWWWWW where she was going and nothing, I mean *NOTHING* was going to get in her way. I dubbed her "The Girl With The Destination" and albeit long, it stuck... I can't, for the life of me and even though she is "family", remember her real name... :\

Crystal said...

yay spurs!!!

go texas!!!

i know the rockets sucked, but there are plenty of texas basketball teams to go around.


Outdoorsy Girl said...

Oooooh, I love Taco, I mean, Taco Crime!

No quiero Taco Hell after having Taco Crime!

Never did to see the taco carts, though...Hopefully next time I'm out that way. Mmmmmm.

The Grunt said...

Vera~ HAHA! We must talk soon so you can tell me more about "The Girl With the Destination".

Crystal~ Texas is so big that I just might live closer to San Antonio than you do. I don't know if The Jazz will go on to beat the Spurs, but I sense that Tim Duncan will be sans uno testicalo y huevo after it is all done.

I just made all that lingo up and it sounded funny. I'm a genius!

O-Girl~ Yes, you need to have the taco cart experience!

Karyn said...

All we have is Taco Hell... and I've never eaten there because I find grade E meat scary.

Banana Man will have a following with the ladies, I reckon, yellow tights and all. The world could definitely use a Banana Man.

Hm. Yeah.

chandra said...

STEVE NASH rules... Although I don't mind tim duncan but he doesn't deserve CAPS LOCK. Plus Stevie is Canadian... therefore he is gangly and hot.

Sun Follower said...

Tacos, bananas and brothers.. oh,my!

The Grunt said...

Karyn~ Grade "E" meat? I've definitely had that before.

Chandra~ I'm sorry that Stevie is now gone fishin'.

Sun~ Those could very well be the key to happiness.