Sunday, May 06, 2007

Today I feel like Captain America

I uttered the phrase, "I blew it", and then kind of took off in my truck. It sounds like a bad thing, but it wasn't. Not paralleling the movie, I did not sell out so I could have "freedom", freedom that becomes a prison. No, I just admitted to myself that I have messed up in my life, considerably. I am being more honest about this now to people in my personal life here where I live. It is slowly paying off. No more fortress of pride.

After this confession, I took a long ride in Clyde: my "fuckup" truck. I had to stop to say hello to my boys (someone's horses) and moo at the cows (that's like one of my top-ten things to do). It used to not be that far away, but now you do have to drive a bit to get to the country. I, of course, am not a country boy, but I do appreciate certain aspects of it. My mind breathes better out there, unless a five year old is darting out in front of me on a 500cc Quad bike. What is up with that shit? He wasn't even wearing a helmet.

I am trying to forgive myself. I am either hot or cold when it comes to achievement. I'm ready to stay hot, but not burn out. I guess I'm going to sizzle enough to get the job done.

It's good to have friends. It's good to have strange, erotic dreams, and root beer floats are the bee's knees. I'm not going to worry about my past. I'll be too busy flying down a two-lane black top enjoying the present and looking forward to what is around the next corner. Too busy to get too weighed down with the cares of my past and the world.

It's all metaphorical and stuff.


Logophile said...

metaphorically speaking,
leave the livestock alone, dammit.
Burn, baby, burn.
(insert sizzling sound here)

goldennib said...

You are hot, baby. Go for it.

Moo cows make good listeners.

vera said...

m-m-m-moo cows...
m-m-m-make milk...
it's the only drink that we adore!
when the m-m-m-moon shines
over the cow shed
we hope the cows are making plenty more!


is that like a very large space-bar popsicle? b/c THOSE, my friend, rule!

Clare said...

Nothing lasts forever. Not even the bad stuff. Hopefully not even that 5 year old's penchant for riding around on a dirtbike without a helmet. Then again, Darwin works in mysterious ways.

Clearlykels said...

There's nothing like the future!

Queue_t said...

oh I hear the burn baby, you go guyfriend ( a dirivitive of girlfriend). Don't let those metaphysicals get you down.

a romp through the back roads was probably just what was needed.


the one and only.. said...

You will let us know what you find when you stop for gas every now and again, won't you?

Keshi said...

** It's good to have strange, erotic dreams

Its not just good, it's fantastic.


Christielli said...

Root beer floats that are the bee's knees may be my new favourite metaphor.

Karyn said...

Bees knees, baby.
I love that expression.

Anonymous said...

Its May 8th Mr. Grunt Man!!!

You know what that means... ^_^

Happy Birthday! YAY!

::brings out the cake and gifts and sings the birthday song::

I hope you're having a good one ^_^

I'll stop by later in the day to see if you've made another birthday post :)




Pokey said...

I love taking rides out in the just smells better out there, well as long as I don't get a whif of cow or horse shit.

Spacecake said...

What? Birthday? Well hope you had a good one! Congratulations.

And also, have your posts gotten way better or is it just me - have I just started paying more attention to what I read?

Really like this post as well. No, that came out wrong. What I wanted to say was: I LOVE THIS POST.

Jules said...

Where I grew up we had cows in a pasture just down the street and around the bend. I built a fort with my friends and we used to go hang out with the cows. Aside from the cow patty smell, it was always a fun time! I was such a tomboy when I grew up!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Gruntyyyyyyy,
Happiest Birthday's ever in all the world TO YOU!!!!


Love you!
P.S. What was the thing you fucked up?

Christielli said...

HAPPY 35th BIRTHDAY DUDE!!!!!!!!!!

The Grunt said...

Logo~ I am all about the "Disco Inferno".

Nessa~ Thanks! Yes, cows sometimes are even better than real therapists.

Vera~ I like ho milk. Tee-hee!

Clare~ I know! I am still worried thinking about that kid speeding around with no helmet. I am glad that the bad stuff doesn't last. I am so ready for the good stuff.

Kels~ You speak the truth!

QT~ I can only imagine what a romp through the country would be like in a new Cobra Mustang like yours:D

SM~ Oh, totally!

Keshi~ Have any of me lately? LOL!

Christielli~ Isn't it just fun to say?

Karyn~ Ditto what I said to Christielli. How ya doing?

Dangerous "K"~ I am so happy you came by to wish me a happy birhtday. I know you are busy with school, but I do miss you. Drop by anytime!

Pokey~ Well, the shit is just letting you know that you aren't on a "Disney" hay ride.

Spacecake~ Thanks for the birthday wishes! My posts go through phases. I am going through a transformation right now in my life, so I think my posts are reflecting that.

Jules~ Mwah, back at ya!!! I effed up just stuff here and there in my life and just admitted it. Now I can move on.

Christielli~ You are such a sweetie, thanks!!!