Friday, July 14, 2006

TIGF: Gladiators

Oh, lord on wheat toast! Gladiators, or "Glad he ate whores", they make the gay universe turn. The swordplay, the absolute disregard for their knees--just so's the other men can be distracted while carrying on while fighting. Why always fighting and not loving? Maybe it was just a real dedicated kink form.

See how this guy holds his helmet? You can tell that he's gifted and most likely had many men die by his shiny sword, or exposed big toe.

Three cheers for the gladiator!!! Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, hooray!! Hip hip, hooray!!!


Logophile said...

Did you notice that proportionally speaking, he has not got a very big sword?
Now THAT is gay.

vera said...

i think its the plume... no, it's DEFINITELY the plume that makes him vegas-show-girl-of-the-week!

goldennib said...

Where's his chin?

Scott said...



Gentleman-hobbs said...

Buggermy-Blind would like to take this chap to his local pub The Little Chocolate Starfish!

Anonymous said...

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