Friday, July 07, 2006

I'm baaaaack, and by the tally of my last posts....

I've determined that you guys really enjoy my blog enough to visit while I was away. I'm starting to think that I'm losing some of my older crowd. Why? Have I become boring? Why don't you show me nay love?

Grunt Ahoy readers, I will give you a reasonably detailed account of my short vacation. I need a life. Three days is the big trip of the year and now my masters are getting the ankle irons fitted for me again.

I will say this, my vacation had so many things go wrong that I wonder why I even try to have fun. Seriously, I had $300 worth of fishing poles get crushed--on the first dang day!!! Hard to catch fish with no poles. I had to do two roadside repairs--power steering pump went out on me. Always something with me, you know. It's incredible that I made it out of the deep forest without getting stranded.

Clyde is a work horse and a dependable one, usually. But, he is almost thirty, and there is too much that can go wrong when you reach that age. Clyde did manage to amaze me as I got caught in a bad rainstorm out on the red clay trails. Do you know what kind of hell that can be? I was far from anyone that could help. These bogs and ruts were so deep. You know, I don't have the thing jacked up to high heaven, so this was perilous. Lots of throttle, driver skill, and a determined spirit got me through that swamp in one piece. I had to turn right back and do it again, once I found the sweet spot--just for fun.

Okay, I just got back and I'm bushed. I spent way too much money buying new gear in Evanston, too much time fixing what I could, and way too much on fuel.

I will never let anything defeat me. I make Macguyver look like a pussy.


Mayden's Voyage said...

Grunt- a vacation in NC would be less challenging- but a longer drive. Do you think you could make it? :)
I have fishing poles...but they are the wal-mart kind- and a river close by- but the fish are not so big. I could take you to the intercoastal waterway- to catch a King Macrel...but no promises that the king would show up~ but the Dolphin fish- yes, they would be there...
But it's so far from where you are!
Sorry your trip was not all you hoped it would be- maybe one day- we can make it all work out!
-Cora :)

Logophile said...

Sounds like a greeeeeeeat way to pass the time.
Honey, you need a holiday to recover from your vacation.
Glad you are back where you can sooth your soul with an internet connection and bloggy love.