Sunday, July 16, 2006

Current State of the Blog: Grunt Ahoy!

I am starting to tire of this thing and I want to quit. Go ahead and call me a quitter. I won't quit, but damn, the ideas that I've had for this blog just are too ambitious and so I sit on them. I come home and can't do it. Some of my old time fans are gone, for whatever reason, and I lived for them. The cool thing is that Scott is still around and Dabugg on occasion. I think RJW is dead, if that's true, then that is sad. Maura, where are you hiding? There are others as well. I'm sure some are just tired of spending time away from personal interests. Some may be wanting to prove something to me: Like, did I take a dump in the corner of you life, or something? Get over it and get your butt back over here.

"Well, whatever, nevermind....Hello. Hello. Hello-oh!" Yeah, I'm beginning to understand that song, really.

So, to my current dedicated crop of regulars and lurkers from around the globe, thanks! You guys like my little project, my Gruntonia--where the men are men and the women are excited.


The Grunt said...

Jeez, can't you guys take a joke. I know exactly where my MIA's have been: getting it right from the source. Fresh squeezed Grunt just tastes better, and is highly addictive.

I just like to tease, sometimes.

vera said...

You have me in tears.

Logophile said...

Taking a rather proprietorial air aren't you?
I am not a citizen of your twisted land, I am a visiting dignitary, and I have an embassy here.
But mine your manners dude, or I am recalling my representatives and calling for a blog embargo.
Consider yourself warned!

The Grunt said...

Ooooh, I'm scared logo!

Vera~it's just all them damn onions I eat. Seriously, why can't people just embrace garlic and onions???

Crystal~oh yeah, you don't come here anymore. Lol! I think I left a little gift for you on your blog, chica. Seriously, get your cute little hiney over here right now. Vacation time is over, hon!

Crystal said...

i don't get the comic.

but i do know that upon receiving the nod from you, i will personally hunt down each of the aforementioned commenters (unless they are dead from drowning from trying to walk overseas) and i will drag them to a computer and put my big toe and my index toe up to their inner thigh and i will say with authority, 'please comment on grunt ahoy.'

The Grunt said...

Ha, it was just something to put up on the post, Crystal. Silly chica.

Yes, people, if you don't start to comment I will unleash the toe of chica upon you.

Anonymous said...

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