Friday, July 07, 2006

Some pics and more details

This is in the Uintahs. You are looking at Hayden's Peak. I'm on the Mirror Lake Highway taking this shot with my Moto SLVR. So, it's camera phone quality. My other crappy digital camera bit the dust about an hour prior to this shot and I lost 20 shots--good ones too. So, that brings the tally to $300 dollars worth of fishing poles broke to bits, $200 in fuel, power steering pump (masterfully repaired in the Hotel 6 parking lot by moi), windshield wiper pump rebuild (an essential item to have with all the bugs) in the Napa Parts parking lot, fixed two poles to function well enough for the trip, bought a new Shakespeare rod at a Wallmart in Evanston (not the same, dammit!), and this damn camera I guess gave up the ghost from being abused. At least my Moto is well built, just wish I could afford the new Helio.

I am resourceful, and managed to catch three fish on my "Frankenstein" fly rod (I really am a horrible fisherman). I used Super Glue, Berkeley Triline, and bits and pieces from the shaft that were salvageable. I used the Superglue and a weave of Triline to make a crude Fiberglas resin of sorts. This strengthened the cracked parts of the shaft and also was a good joint support, when grafting two shafts together. I lost some distance on my cast because the rod's dynamic was interrupted by an inconsistency in the flex of the shaft. But, this aside, the rod will now serve as a good back up rod. I will now spend $175 to have my brother in law make me another new custom fly rod. If you are really into fly fishing, you'll have to meet my brother in law. He is the best in the West for everything fly fishing, this is verifiable.

This here is a picture of my brother "Mr. Lumpy", "The Mexican", or "The Milkman's Kid". I tried not to stress him out too much with physical excursion. He made it out alive. Actually, for a guy that now weighs 380, he is very physical and is what I like to say "bouncer quality".

This is me at my room in a fancy Motel 6 in Evanston, Wyoming. I'm one sexy bastard, no? This was a cheap motel and it got a whopping one star rating in the AAA travel book. What can I say? It beats getting rained on.

This is where I did most of my fly fishing. This is Christmas Meadows and has some real nice trout that like to look at you with a rather annoying indifference. The water is clear, but will probably give you the Montezuma's Revenge. All the mountain pics are in Utah. It is easier to access this side of the Uintahs by going through Evanston, Wyoming. If you want to know what Evanston looks like:

Sorry to pop your bubble, but most of Wyoming is ugly as hell. They just focus on a few pretty corners of their state to bring in tourists.

Brokeback Mountain is a total sham. Most sheep herders are too busy to screw humans. They just pick the cleanest one out of the flock, and if needed, use their imagination. What brings this up? Well, I ran into so many herds of sheep commuting back and forth from Evanston and the Uintahs. I'm talking thousands of sheep here, right in the middle of the damn road. I had photos of this, but they were on the dead camera. This was just a little more than a tad annoying.

I wish I had pics of Whitney reservoir and my 4-wheelin'. They were on the dead camera too. I'll have to get the pics from Lumpy. Hope you enjoyed this little bit of my vacation. I'm worn out from trying to keep up with all the bumps in the road. On the plus side: I got 85 octane in Evanston for $2.53 a gallon. I couldn't text or email from my phone there, but at least they had the cheap gas thing going for them, and a truck stop crack whore who adored me. That's another story alltogether, folks.


vera said...

incidently, brokeback mountain was filmed in canada, just a ways from where i live... there were no sheep harmed in the making of the movie...

glad to see you're back in one piece! no bear puncture wounds and your bro didn't suffer a massive coronary. get clyde all fixed up for me, yo! that hunk is MINE! i gotta thing for metal...

goldennib said...

Sounds like a great Vay-Kay. Shame about the broke camera. It looked peaceful.

Logophile said...

wow, the scenery is loverly in them thar mountains.
To me, fishing is a great chance to catch up on my reading, but I am glad you had fun and managed to salvage a rod well enough to enjoy.

A sexy beast in a motel 6 and a crack whore? Cue the porn tunes

Mayden's Voyage said...

You look almost exactly as I imagined :)
I am so glad you are not all red!
(that was a reference to your grunt pic- not about being a Native American or anything! I have Cherokee in my blood- though you can't tell by looking at me!)

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