Monday, July 17, 2006

Lord help me be strong, like this dude here:

I just can't figure out why a guy would wear such a silly looking swimsuit. I mean, really, dude. What's' with the lipstick? Oh, okay. Me<--------slow. Sorry, move along. Nothing to see here.


The Grunt said...

Let me just say that I in no way objectify women. I still think this is a dude, so I'm covered.

goldennib said...

How did he even get muscles in his lips?

Logophile said...

I have nothing else to say about this,

vera said...

my eyes! my eyes!
zee goggles do nazhing!!

and oh yah, wrong.

Scott said...

If it was not a guy when he/she started to work out, she/he is now.


Andrea said...


thank goodness I wasn't eating OR drinking when viewing this post


Gentleman-hobbs said...

Can I borrow her at christmas she can crack the walnuts with her..... oh no I'm not going to be crude for a change just vulgar..... her thrupnies (threepenny bits tits)

Gentleman-hobbs said...

So after dinner I taught her the inner mysteries of cranberry sauce. Oh she said what an aphrodisiac, then she tightened turned me into a human pinball table and I coughed up two testicles. She seamed disapointed she didn't get a third. I was just pleased she didn't ask for a free game it being Christmas and all!

Added this one to chear you up for the other post.

Christielli said...

Okay, now that is scary.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I have pipe-envy?

DaBugg said...

Makes me want to sing
Dude Looks Like A Lady
Dude Looks Like A Lady
Dude Looks Like A Lady
Dude Looks Like A Lady

What a funky lady
She like it like it like it like that
He was a lady

Photogirl said...

Looks like someone had little too much to drink and then got down and dirty with Photoshop.

The Grunt said...

Celseste, welcome to Grunt Ahoy!

Andrea and Christielli, so good to see you are becoming fans, seriously.

Dabugg~ it's been too long since you've commented here. Joy!

The rest of yous: Love ya!

Anonymous said...

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