Sunday, July 09, 2006

Once a heel, always a heel

You know, I always seem to find myself in these situations. My intentions are good. Some people like to talk about what kind of heel I am; hey, I probably do this the most. Am I rough and callous? Can't you see the before picture? Now I'm all soft and all it's done is made me look good but feel horrible--well, not all bad.

This is what I'm trying to say: My feelings are more intense. I'm more susceptible to getting bruised and cut. I don't know why I should even care sometimes, really. But, I do. However, when you tickle or massage me, it feels so much nicer than before. So, more of that, please.

At least the fungus from my past is going away. Really, that's one blessing that has come from allowing myself to feel an emotion besides anger, of which seven years or more of my life was devoted/subjected to. So, my heel will continue to be vulnerable and walking a pathway of good intentions and fallible actions. I deserve forgiveness. Yea, I need it.


Mayden's Voyage said...

Forgiveness, a pedicure, and a foot massage- sounds like a date to me! :P
I'll bring the Asian food- ok? :)

Logophile said...

Deserve to give it,
or deserve to receive it?
or both?

goldennib said...

Your analogies are very clever and entertaining. That should gain you some points.

Scott said...

How did you get the before and after pictures of my feet?


vera said...

Let Ye Be Heeled!!!!

The Grunt said...

Hey, aren't families fun? My mom was telling me what kind of woman I should marry the other day and I told her that I was going to marry a tramp and she'd have to deal with it.

You guys didn't think this post was about you, did you? Oh, you're so vain!

Chief Scientist said...

I, for one, did not think it was about me. But, yeah, I am vain anyway.

goldennib said...

You hurt my feelings : ( I thought everything was about me.