Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I want you all to know that I'll miss you guys, and I'm reading a very naughty book

Really, I am reading this juvenile piece of crap. I should be reading Exodus or something holy, but no. Since I too was a teenage boy, I can relate to this guy: Maddox. He hails from SLC, and is quite rude and a misogynist to boot. I am not, but I have many friends/mentors that are;) So, therefore, I need a dirty book like this to remind me of the pals of my youth. Have you ever made a snowman from boobs that fell out of the sky? That's just some of the lunacy contained in this book. It also gives tips on how to cop a feel, drop kick, the crescent technique of ball crushing, and how the dinosaurs really became extinct.

I strongly recommend that women do not even touch this book. It will make you want to kill every man in site.

Alright, I'm off till either Friday or Saturday. It depends on how long I can keep "Lumpy" (my bro) happy and out of trouble--or, from having a massive coronary.



goldennib said...

I found Maddox's website

through another blogger and read the entire site from top to bottom. I was fascinated. It made me think of a train wreck.

Have fun on your trip.

Scott said...

Have a great trip Grunt. Hope that you catch yourself many fish.


vera said...


Chief Scientist said...

That guy is doing a book signing out here in a week or so. I wasn't going to attend but I had no idea he was so interesting. I'm in!

Chief Scientist said...
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Anonymous said...

I'll put my name down on the waiting list at the public library.

Have fun with the bro.

Melliferous Pants said...

You make me want to read it! Have a nice trip with your brother!

logo™ said...

I miss ya, been go and go and go all around.
See ya!

Christielli said...

LOL That guy from "the bestest page in the universe" or whatevs has a book??? Crazy!!

I'm pretty sure that the cover alone would keep most women away. WTF's the guy wearing - a skirt?

Mayden's Voyage said...

"A snowman from boobs that fell from the sky"???


Have a great time- it will take me a week to get that strange image out of my head!!!

Gentleman-hobbs said...

looks like one mean mother have a good time

Logophile said...

Dammit, I need some oreos!