Monday, August 13, 2007

True story

This Sunday school teacher was teaching a class and trying to show how people are related to each other through family trees and such. After giving his lesson he thought that he'd ask the kids to give examples of things that are related that aren't necessarily family.

One of the kids' answered that trees and grass were related because they were both plants. The teacher agreed.

Another kid talked about how a porpoise and a cow were related because they both were mammals. The teacher explained that one to the other small kids until they all understood why that was.

The best one was a five-year-old boy's answer, "Well, my penis and my brain are related." The teacher asked him how and why, in a horrified tone of voice. The kid's answer, "Because, when my brother kicks me in the penis my brain hurts."


Photogirl said...

Is that so? I wonder if all guys are unlucky enough to experience that kind of pain at least once in their lives?

EBEZP said...

That's my boy! Don't ever let it be said that we don't think with our dicks! We do and that proves it.
Nice one!!

blog Portland said...

It sounds like you were just as funny as a kid. And I hope your family reunions are much friendlier nowadays.

vera said...

You're a loony... I see that it hasn't changed over time.

Karyn said...

I KNEW they were related.

Who's the kid who went to sunday school though?

Jules said...

I love those things you read that are all kids say the darndest things in like Reader's Digest and whatnot. That one, I'd never heard before.

Is it true? Surelay you must have been sacked a time or two in your life... ?

Serena Joy said...

LMAO! As if there was ever any doubt they're intimately related.:-)

Leonardo Melendez said...


Outdoorsy Girl said...

Too funny! I could only imagine being the teacher trying to keep a straight face.

The Grunt said...

Celeste~ I've had them hit so hard that it made me walk funny for a few days.

Ebezp~ Now only if my penis was able to read minds and tell me my future.

JJ~ I wasn't the kid but my brother did like to beat the hell outta me given any excuse. He is also nine years older than me which really put me at a disadvantage. However, it was my sisters who beat the shit out of me the most. The next child up from me, me being the youngest, was five and a half years. How fair is that?

Vera~ It will never change.

Karyn~ It is someone that I know.

Jules~ I got sacked today by a folding chair. I was down for the count from this freak accident. My balls pulled through, though.

Serena~ Now only if they could quit arguing like they are related.

Leonardo~ Welcome to my blog. Glad you got a kick outta the post.

O-Girl~ You probably get your share of funny stuff with the class.

Logophile said...

Aren't the penis and the brain like Siamese twins in most men? They share the same blood flow, right?

Clearlykels said...

I always knew it!

Jules said...

OMGoodness!! Pulled through WHERE? The CHAIR?

LOL... couldn't resist! ;OP

KAYLEE said...


The Grunt said...

Logo~ You are correct!

Kels~ Some might even say that you know too much about me. I don't know who those people are, though.

Jules~ I was trying to put it away and the top part kicked out real hard and nailed me square in the softies. It was no laughing matter.

Kaylee~ I'm glad that you are doing well. I was feeling great on Tuesday then I had my chemo today and feel horrible. It is necessary to go through some misery in order to get better, as I'm sure you've been finding out. Take care.