Thursday, August 02, 2007

The day after (with excerpt from one of my other blogs)

Yesterday's chemo went well. It was a long day. The anti-nausea drugs seemed to do their job. Part of the chemo burned my veins--kind of like a creeping wasp bite--but I dealt with it. There were people who were in there for the whole day and just going through sheer hell. I was in the infusion room, where I get my chemotherapy, for probably three and a half hours. I didn't get hit hard with fatigue until around 9 PM.

This morning it is all systems go and I am going into work to do some mighty, mighty gold bricking. I could take the day off but getting sympathy from hot secretaries is too much to pass up on.

Okay, I terminated one of my niche blogs. I started it in order to have a reasonably sanitized version of Grunt Ahoy that my 3-D crowd, mostly Mormon, would not have any loss of the Spirit when reading. That only lasted two posts in and then I started offending them, then nobody seemed to give a flying fargk after that. Shit, what's a grunt supposed to do? So, for your pleasure, I will post the best bits from that blog on here on occasion. I would feel bad if they didn't get read.

Here it is:

This line contains no relevant information.

Why didn't Arby's make a deal with "Pirates of the Caribbean" to sell merchandise? To me it was a no brainer.Aaaaaaaaarbeeeeeeeeeez!

My nephew was staying over the other day and said something amusing. He told me, in a very concerned tone of voice, "If I don't have my earplugs when I sleep I will develop mental problems." Even though it was funny as hell I ran straight out to Walgreen's and bought like six boxes of that shit. No nephew of mine is going to be mentally ruined on my watch.

Did I just say shit? Oh no he dee-int!

I'm allowed to say it once in awhile. I have a "Just say shit" punch card. I have other punch cards that aren't sandwich related, too. Maybe I can hook you up. That's three punches, in case you were counting. I'm almost tapped out for the month.

I just used up my "Oh no he dee-int!" punch card.


Scary Monster said...

So tell me, is James Coburn still fuckin cool, or what?!?

You have been confirming so many of me suspicions recently, Cap'n.

Me saw a sack of sugar and a sack of nuts dueling today. Me thinks you shoud treat yourself to some pie

blog Portland said...

Glad it all went well yesterday, and here's to Grunty parlaying some of that sympathy into cancer poon.

Also, you should go into marketing for Buena Vista; the Arby's idea is of unprecedented genius.

EBEZP said...

Glad yesterday was ok and I'm with you on not been able to turn down all the hot sympathy!!

Like the post! Good one!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Happy to hear that you started the post-chemo day out feeling good.

Loved the Arby's idea! Think of how cool the commercials could be...A pirate declaring "I'm thinking Arrrrrby's!" and then instead of the Arby's hat popping over his head (which, to me, really looks like something else popping over head)they could use a pirate hat! It might be a little lame but at least they wouldn't look like a perv.

goldennib said...

That's what I'm missing...earplugs. That explains loads.

Where do I get some punch cards? Do you have any that allow me to punch someone?

I'm glad this round of chemo wasn't too rough on you.

Serena Joy said...

The chemo sounds rough, but it sounds like you came through this round like a trouper. I hope you continue to do so.

Loved the bit about the earplugs. I always wondered what's wrong with me. I should have been wearing ear plugs with my tinfoil all these years. Oh, no, she dee-int. LOL.

Jules said...

Shit. I was gonna try to say something witty and charming here, but either I'm too tired or I'm really not witty afterall.

Shit. I just used up my punch card too. Shit. Oops. Shit! Crap. Now I can't stop!

Photogirl said...

you said hell AND shit! bad Grunt!

I am happy to hear that everything went well with the chemo! :)

The Grunt said...

Scary~ What suspicions? Hahahahahahaha! No, really, what have you heard?

JJ~ You get it where you can. I'd love to lose a big company's money so I could tell the whole world a joke. Wasn't that a Bee Gee's song or something?

Ebezp~ Glad you enjoyed it. Right now I feel kind of sick so I'm just trying to finish up business and hit the hay.

O-Girl~ I think it would sell more Beef 'n' Cheddars. I really do think so.

Nessa~ The earplugs are a lifesaver. It is the only thing that shuts up the voices in my head. As for the punch cards, I've started making my own.

Serena~ HAHA! The tinfoil is a nice touch.

Jules~ Stop, you are making baby Jesus cry.

Celeste~ I know. I know. I'll stop saying all that shit tomorrow.

Okay, I gotta go and puke. I lapsed on my meds.

vera said...


*super vera hugs*

They'll Cure What Ails Ya! (tm)

I hope you're starting to feel a bit better :\ (read the puking bit)...

Thanks for your message... Me luffs to hear from you!! And I'm off next week! (My niece is coming to visit her most favourite of aunties, yo!) So hopefully, I'll be able to sit down and have a chit with you, kays???

PS: Get your YAHOOOOOOO fixed!


Jules said...

Just saw your comments and wanted to offer to hold your hair back, make you some sludge tea, tuck you in, empty your bucket, and bring you a cloth for your forehead...

Love you babes... take your pills, okay?