Saturday, September 16, 2006

This "cornfed boy" shot is for you (you know who you are).

I knew you always wanted to know what I looked like in overalls. I had to perform some surgery on Clyde and I bust out the redneck gear when I work on my pickup truck--yeah, I like to do things in theme. I took the opportunity to take a shot of what I don't usually go around looking like. I am preemptively flipping anyone off that makes any hillbilly cracks at my expense. I didn't say you couldn't make any. I encourage the roasting! I just have to flip people off at least once a day, or I feel that my estate in heaven is not secure.

Please note the size of my shoulders, forearms, and hands. I really don't know how I am perceived in bloggerland, but in real life I seem to be perceived as that one dude in "Sixteen Candles" that got super pissed when some geeks knocked over his beer can pyramid. It really dumbfounds people when they find out that I am a smart, witty man who would rather write songs and stories than fuck shit up with his pure machismo.

I hope this isn't a deal breaker. As my mantra goes: Please, baby don't go....I can change!

P.S. The T-shirt underneath the hillbilly garb is an R.E.M. concert "T" from their "Green" era. I hope this clears things up.

(Notice: My music blog, "120 dB's", has been updated. This post features the artist Nick Drake, of "Pink Moon" fame. It is still not known if he actually committed suicide. Link: Safe in your place deep in the earth, that's when they'll know what you were really worth. )


Gentleman-hobbs said...

talking of culture ....I'm off to Lincoln city today to watch the football with my son

Karyn said...

Holy frickin' forearms. Would you believe that is the first thing I noticed? Yowza.

I love that you referenced the football can-pyramid building guys from 16 Candles - arguably the best movie of my adolescence.

vera said...

you look like popeye!
*hides the spinach*

Jules said...

He doesn't LOOK like Popeye... he IS Popeye! Holy cow, Grunty - Lookeeeee YOU!


goldennib said...

Wears a suit, wears overalls, writes music and funny words, works on a p/u.

I think we need to auction you off to some fine deserving woman.

Photogirl said...

One day you're in a shirt and tie...and the next day, this. You are a pretty fashionably versatile fella there Grunt.

The Grunt said...

G-Hobbs~ I would love to catch some real footie action. I think I might have to go back to Geordieland and see how me Magpies are doing. Alreet? Howaye then, I'm gannin up te the Tyneside--jus need te ger me some dosh, like.

Karyn~ See, I am just in tune with my readers. Feel special=)

Vera~ Eh-geh-geh-geh-geh...garshk!

Jules~ Calm down. We don't want any nocturnal meltdowns because I went and did the sexy again. Boy, I have to be careful!

Goldie~ I'm thinking that I should command a high price, even if it is for purely utilitarian purposes. Like a freakin' Swiss Army knife, I am.

Celeste~ Thanks. I try to mix it up. Plus, I tend to wear lots of pointy hats. It's solely to confuse people and/or piss them off. P.S. I'm only disturbing when I am misunderstood;)

Blogging for scraps... said...

yeh the REM shit doesn't go with the macho look and full credit to the Nick Drake thing. Legend. I use Nick Drake as my escapism. I like to curl up in a ball and cry to it. I am a man.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

You look like you could fit in with some of the guys I grew up with in the country.

And the R.E.M. tee shirt...That's also very Georgia-ish. I grew up outside of Athens and worked in a Dr.'s office on the same street as their studio. Michael Stipe came in several times. R.E.M. is still a big thing in Athens. Your "Green" era Tee is pure vintage, baby.

Anonymous said...

Hey, remember overalls were the "in" thing to wear? hahaha...way to resurrect it dude.

Hope clyde is well post surgery.

goldennib said...

Grunty, that's a great way to think of ones' self.

Gentleman-hobbs said...

Serkan (spoken) like a real man who drinks real beer and smerks tabs! Not like them soft southern shandy drinkin pooftas!

Chris said...

You're number one, baby!

Logophile said...

You don't fool me with your overalls, booy.
But, day-um, you weren't kidding about being all muscly, were ya?
You from Brussels?
(obscure song reference)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Baby don't change...we like you just the way you are :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Hey...I have a "Lady of Perpetual Blogging" magnet for you! Your pic (of the red grunt) is on it.
Do you want one? Email me and I'll send one to you :)

NiolK said...

Thats ridiculous of course you're not the beer can guy from 16 candles. You're the "Never, ever, ever, ever...touch my car" guy from One Crazy Summer

Clearlykels said...

This might be why I live on a farm.

Crystal said...

hey cowboy.

i have some udders that need to be milked.

just sayin'.

The Grunt said...

Scraps~ Duly noted. Hey, I'm glad you went and checked 120 dB's out. I just need to find my copy of Bryter Later and the trilogy will be reunited.

O-girl~ What's Michael Stipe like? REM was what made me want to really play guitar, believe it or not. I really got into Peter Buck's jangly sound. That's my style, now.

Guggs~ Thanks for being concerned about Clyde. He is fine. The steering is now tip top. The overalls thing is just part of my plan to bring back Kevin Rowland and his Dexy and the Midnight Runners. "Come on Eileen! Let's talk dirty!! Well, come on Eileen!!!"

Nessa~ Thanks, I got to believe it at least.

Chris~ It's a medical condition. Part of the whole mad cow dancing syndrome.

Logo~ Do you come from a land down under?

Mayden~ Thanks. I started the reconstructive surgery to look more like George Clooney, but had the good fortune to stop the procedure when I found out that the doc thought I had said George Hamilton--not the young one, either.

Niolk~ The best part of One Crazy summer was Bobcat, and featured a young Demi Moore. Ashton Kutcher was busy getting his nappy changed.

Kels~ Well, glad I could do this for you;) This might make you want to drink that damn farm water--uh oh!

Crystal~ Do you want me to warm my hands up first or surprize you? At least I won't be wearing no damn T-back! ;) The funny thing is I have no idea what makes a T-back tank top different from any other tank top because I've never owned a tank top in my life. Seargent King wouldn't let his boys wear crap like that. I fortunately only got caught a few times by his insane clippers. I only had six flat tops growing up. Just like a sheep getting shorn!

Scott said...

Dude, that is not a good look for you. I mean, its okay, you were working on your truck so its not that bad... but still..hahahaha... at least the REM t is there.


Sun Follower said...

See ya'll at the cement pond, Grunt.

Cash said...

You sure do got a purty mouth.

LindzyPinzy said...

wow You look so different from a suit to overalls ..thats very redneck of u. u'd fit right in where I live:)

u r funny! i know ive told u that plenty but hahahahah again
ps sorry Ive been slacking at visiting. I am starting to slow down on the blogging a bit. Not quite into it as much latley. But I won't pull a Niolk on ya don't worry:)

The Grunt said...

Scott~ Yeah, I think it will be nice for those role playing times, though.

Sun~ I love Jethro. He was on acid half the time they shot that show.

Cash~ Is that Burt Reynolds I see sneaking up on us with a big freaking compound bow? Watch out!

Lindzy~ You pay no mind to being absent, k? I will always be funny.

vera said...


LindzyPinzy said...

your modest too lol!

Sean said...

and I thought I was the only muscle guy in the world who wore bib overalls. Like Liberty and Roundhouse bibs. looking good man.