Thursday, September 07, 2006

A taste of Grunt: Oprah would totally be my sugar momma!

I was lazy tonight, so whoomp they it is! I clean up nicely, no? Don't get used to seeing me much. I am skittish, and only usually reserve these images for special friends and/or visiting dignitaries in need of escorting services.

Well, I know it was a cop out, but since I've had so many new faces come in, I thought it would be nice to reveal myself to y'alls. I hope this isn't a deal breaker, 'cause I was so going to do a post on Casper the Friendly Ghost and imaginary friends. Maybe next week, perhaps.


Chris said...

And all this time I thought you were a biker chick.

Queue_t said...

wow you do clean up nice! can I use you as a back up if i need an escort somewhere? now my big guy is number one, but I could use you for number two.


Clearlykels said...

Guy in a suit. Can't go wrong with that. I am glad that you did not go with Casper. Nice picture!

Scott said...

Looking good Grunt!


Sun Follower said...

Nice tie :)

vera said...

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a Grunt in a suit!
Good pic!
Thanks for sharin'.

vera said...

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a Grunt in a suit!
Good pic!
Thanks for sharin'.

Karyn said...

What are you squinting at?

blog Portland said...

If it weren't for the yellow shirt, I'd have pegged you as a professional killer.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I guess you aren't too bad once you've cleaned up. lol.

Very nice pic. of you! :)

goldennib said...

I have mentioned before that you are a cutey. What cha' sellin'?

Mayden's Voyage said...

You are a cutie! :)
Ummm...I mean, very handsome- not red at all~
I like the other pic of you best, further down, the one when you took your brother our for an adventure. That one is my favorite :)
You are a total stud in that photo- I think...which doesn't account for much I'm afraid ;)

Crystal said...

when are you going to take a picture of you in some cut off shorts with a water hose? you want to make your readers happy, don't you?

Christielli said...

Nice suit dude!

Cash said...

Mr. Grunt,

Chris, JJ and I have a pool going on how many panty splashes you get with the pic. So tell us the number. There's 4 bucks riding on it.

Logophile said...

heh hee
he thought you were a biker chick
tee hee

Jules said...

LOL! Crystal, that's hilarious... I mean, er, um, I'd pay to see that!

Grunty - you know you da' bomb!


Photogirl said...

Nice suit. But for some reason I always pictured you wearing red. hmm. weird.

The Grunt said...

Chris~ Sorry to dissapoint. I at least can buy a bike and wear some lipstick and a wig. Dee Snider comes to mind.

QT~ As long as we're both thinking of #2 in the right context, yes. Of course I knew what you meant, gosh!

Kels~ Thanks. I don't wear a suit as much as I should, but I am no slouch when it comes to dressing up. I'm still going to do that other post--I just gotsta!

Scott~ I was inspired by your kilt picture from a long time ago.

Sun~ Thanks! I got it from Marks and Spencer in Bradford.

Vera~ I like sharing. But, you should already know how I look--I can see you and your field glasses up on the hill looking into my bedroom! Ha-har...please don't kill me.

Karyn~ It's my "Clint" squint. All heros have squinty eyes, see?

JJ~ Yeah, I know what to call you now, bub. I do have that unsettling quality of being able to give discourses on Huey Lewis and the News, Genesis, and various other things, but without going all P-Bateman on my date. Just omit Genesis and Huey Lewis and put in Big Star and Rush.

O-girl~ Yeah, that I do. I wonder if anybody has climbed Grand Teton in a designer suit? There's a goal for me.

Goldie~ I'm selling sea shells by the sea shore with only schillings to show, shoobie shoobie! Thanks for the compliment. I'm a good singer too, right?

Mayden~ I try to vary my look. That whole "taking my brother out fishing" was really just a cover story for my coyote gig. Hence, the dark glasses, facial hair, and the "nueralizer". It's great because my brother still thinks we went fishing.

Crystal~ Maybe those pics I sent you weren't good enough. Am I going to have to send more? More with the neck brace, perhaps? You know that you could return the gift. Just once in a while I'd like a shot of your face in the picture. Keeding, gosh dernnit!

Christielli~ It is a nice suit. Navy blue is my color, for sure. It is 100% wool with satin lining, three-button single breast. I do have a white shirt, but I was feeling different that day.

Cash~ What can I say in response here? I don't want to jinx anything.

Logo~ You are a biker chic...Ha!

Jules~ Yes, I know that I am. I think that this is a case for the Hooters Bomb Squad to take care of.

Celeste~ Would that make me Santa Claus? Oh yes, the giver of gifts and down the chimney with me! Lemme see what's in this here sack of toys!!! Um, I think I got a wee bit carried away there. Sorry.

Melliferous Pants said...

Escorting services? You better be careful, you don't want to end up on Cops.

markis said...

hey grunt! did you photoshop that shirt yellow? tell me you photoshopp'd it. oh man, i love photoshop.

The Grunt said...

Pants~ Cops launched many careers. Don't ask me to say which ones. I'm just trying to keep a positive frame of mind here. Yes, the future is now, and that future is me getting surprised by a film crew while servicing the PM of Japan's Wife.

Markis~ My camera phone (Motorolla SLVR) just has a funky way of bringing out certain colors. That shirt is yellow, but not that yellow. Should I have worn a white shirt? Anyway, when I take shots of the sun and clouds, or sunsets with this little guy, it comes out real funky--very cool.

LindzyPinzy said...

you clean up very nicely yes...but I have no idea whtcha look like not cleaned up so what do I mean?
hmmmm anywho
u kinda remind me of a clean cut edward norton in this photo:)

Crystal said...

Grunt - send you more of my face? you sick of beaver shots already???

my face is all effed up right now. when i get better, i will send you some pictures of me with a coke can shoved in my jabber-hole (that means mouth, you dirty dirty boy)