Thursday, September 28, 2006


This is how I imagine it: The Beginning. I did take this picture, btw. It is natural gas being ignited inside a massive boiler. It took me a few firing cycles to time it just right. It was hard the first few times, because when this thing comes on it makes a bit of a boom. I kept flinching and screwing it up, but finally got it.

This is also the thing that I see when I rub my eyes too hard, only it's red when I do that. The center has a larger rabbit's hole, too. That is deep if you think about it long enough. Oh yeah, and you get a pair of them as well. Anybody else have that happen? You can still see them, even after you open your eyes. I love doing that to myself.

I can't help but think about the beginning, whenever I see any spark and ignition. Are we aware enough to make that call? How confident are we, really? I'm talking science and religion, here. I don't want to get into that debate. I just want to picture it in my mind: The Big Bang. I want to have my own Big Bang and have a genesis of sorts. You can read into that what you will, but think of how much you can read into and you'll see just how amazing and vast a fantasy that is. What kind of Eden would I have? Who would be my Eve? Who would tempt me ever so seductively?

That fruit....I hear it is to die for.


goldennib said...

There is a great deal of possible imagry packed into these words; lots of tangents to follow.

Very cool picture.

Karyn said...

Cleverly written. Good picture. Yes, I know the red circles with the black-saucer centers of which you speak.

I don't know about Eden. Imagine the bugs. Gak.

Most fruit is overrated; be sure you know how to suss out a good melon from a seedy one with dry pockets and fermentation beneath the skin.

Science, religion. It's all about finding the place they meet up, I think. If you can do that, you've mastered balance, I think.

Clearlykels said...

Just watch out for the apples. I hear they can be tricky. Now, has anyone seen my fig leaf?

Egan said...

I would love love love to be your Adam or Steve, whichever you prefer. I think you're incredibly hot... all red and shit. Yum.

Always on the Move said...

okie...I think I may've had too much time on my hands when I read this entry.

First - I thought the picture looked like an eye ball.

Second - When you STARE at the picture for about 10 seconds or so, the picture starts to move all over the place. Really COOL!

Third - I closed my eyes after staring at it, to see if I could visualize anything. I didn't see much. BUT, I maybe saw a baby laying on it's back, with a long neck! CRAZY...I KNOW! :o/

Fourth - I now have a headache from it!
I Just LOVE that picture! Can I have one too?

Fifth - It's time to sign off!

Chris said...

Funny thing about that image is that when you turn away from your computer a second and then turn back, its still there. You need to click the red X at the top of the screen to make it go away. Freaky.

cash said...

Not to bring down the romanticism level, but it all began with Maxwell's Equations. I have discussed this before, in Cash's Law of Induction And Women. Who lit that match? Ya got me there.

Come to think of it, your whole naked girl/Eden idea is more fun to think about.

Jules said...

I love lasting or permanent impressions ... of just about any kind if it leaves me feeling either A) wonky or B) happy or C) shaky! Create away in your little fantasy... you're entitled to imagine whatever you want. You work hard for your dream times.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

When I rub my eyes too hard, I see green.

It is very interesting to imagine my own Genesis. I can clearly picture what my Eden would be like. Dang, wish I could be there right now! If I were in a bad mood, I know who I would pick to be my Adam and shove that fruit right down his throat and ruin his life....But I'm not in a bad mood. My Eden would be a peaceful, happy place. :)

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Oh...and really cool picture. Photography is a hobby for me and I know capturing that shot must have required quite a bit of patience!

The Grunt said...

Nessa~ Glad you picked up on that. I love subliminations. I love Freudian imagery as well. He might only have a legitimate claim to the subconscious, but he sure as hell has a foothold in our culture. This is why it is still necessary to learn about him.

Karyn~ The balancing act was easy when the rope was only a few feet off the ground. It is quite another thing to be in the center ring 50 feet off the ground. Bad fruit, heh-heh.

Kels~ I think I have it;)

Egan~ Now you got all these fine women red-lining at the mere thought of that going down. Irresponsible jester, you! But, I have to take you to task for putting the image of plopping a naked Power Bar onto your bike. So sticky and erotic! Actually, I'm hitting Porcupine Ridge and Slickrock trails down Moab, Utah way in about two weeks. I'm going to take that idea and try it out.

Always~ Stay away from the homegrown shit;) I'm flattered that this tripped you out.

Chris~ Comments like yours are the reason why I quit fencing stolen goods and found the Jesus.

Cash~ You and I both. Naw, ladies, it's not like that. Sheesh!

Jules~ Did I mention that I know my ABC's?

O-Girl~ Yeah, it did and thanks! My Eden would definitely require some sort of Wonka garden area and Oompa Loompa slaves.

Logophile said...

My Garden of Eden has a really hot gardener, you and Egan can job share if you want.

LindzyPinzy said...

its messing up my brain now thinking about some of this