Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hey, what happens...

When you cross Stephen Hawking...
With Julian Troy, of Nip/Tuck?

You'd get this guy:

Happy B-Day,

Ladies, click on his name after you leave some love for him here and leave some for him on his site. This is not pity commenting, either. This is his freaking birthday present! We're aiming for 40 totally hot comments (Don't hold back--I'm talking hot, hot, hot!!!). Make this man feel 18 again, alright?


LindzyPinzy said...

happy birthday again CASH and you are funnier than me!!!!!!!!!!!

grunt- so hello kitty hey?

The Grunt said...

Yeah, I'm totally into that cutsie stuff, Lindzy. Why aren't the flood gates opening here? It's Cash's birthday for crying out loud! This guy works for the betterment of mankind and makes our movies special effects more realistic--the physics involved. I think there are a whole host of other things too: mentoring; teaching; research; consulting; pointing out what makes women hot; embarrassing me out of pure, good natured fun.

He is a scientist, folks. Not some damn mathematician! Give him some freakin' love.

Jules said...

Okay, I give up. I tried to hold back but the invitation was too much to turn down. I'll play along. Cash, what would you like for your birthday? 40 tickles in your favorite places?
40 kisses in your favorite places?
40 girls to tickle and kiss your favorite places? I'm not talking about geography, here either, people. Let's all get together for a little Cash frenzy! ;O)

Happy Birthday!!


Queue_t said...

Jules is correct the invitation was hard to resist, Happy Birthday Cash, How can I show you some Love? I can be part of the hot hot 40 for your 40 !

I hope you feel 18 again at least all day.

Logophile said...

Here or there?

Vollewraithe said...

Happy Birthday Cash. May your forty villages burn bright.

Photogirl said...

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear CASH, ... ahh you get the idea.

Cash said...

Mr. Grunt, I am sooooo not worthy but many thanks. I'm trying to take a pic like that Nip/Tuck guy but I don't know how he did it. Is it a wideangle lens up close? Or Photoshop? How does he make it convex like that?

Lindzy, he really does have those. I know because he left the damn things everywhere when we went to Tibet to overthrow the government together.

Jules, know what would really impress me? 40 pies! That's some effort, baby.

Queue, I DID feel young ... until I took some pics yesterday before a wedding we were attending. Then I was all "Who is the old guy with my chick?" I'll put them over at my site so you can at least pretend I look young.

Logo, Volle,Celeste - thanks, I do get the idea but I never get enough of it anyway. It's 5AM here and I got up early to make the day last longer.

Thanks again, folks.

Jules said...

Cash - I especially like how his tight pink blouse is nearly pulling apart at the seams. Hot, hot, hot. Dont forget to do that in your photo.


LindzyPinzy said...

hahaaaaaaaaaaaahahahah busted!!

Melliferous Pants said...

I'm confused. This is normal. It has nothing to do with tourette's and everything to do with a chemical imbalance. Or an edamame overdose.

The Grunt said...

Cash and I took Tibet in under 24 hours. That there is a new world record, folks.

Pants~ You and me, both. Ah, new avatar!

cash said...

Jules, as if I can help it.