Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A very important announcement

I proposed and she said yes. We're getting married!!! I love you Jamie!!!!!!!!

I'll talk more about it later.
April Fools!!!


NYD said...

That's a helluva cure for flupiness! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Clearlykels said...

I read this on google reader and could see the April Fool's! You goober!

The Grunt said...

Damn you Google Reader!!!

Photogirl said...

LOL. Oh my god, I almost fell for this.

Crystal said...

you are a sneaky bastard. i would have been tricked if my bloglines wouldn't have thrown you under the bus.

jamie, huh? you dating one of my friends or what?

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Ah...you couldn't fool me, fool! The thought I had just before going to your blog was, "Wonder what April Fool's joke the Grunt will have for us today!"

Scary Monster said...

That be one stompy piece of trickery, Cap'n!

Looks like NYD fell for it but good.
Don't listen to he when the international dateline excuse pops up.


Keshi said...

Im glad Im checking this post on the 2nd of April. LOL!


The Grunt said...

NYD~ Everyone else cheated, so don't feel bad that you got taken on this one.

Kels~ I am a total goober! That's why you like me, right?

Celeste~ If it were true the post would be like this: OMG, what did I just get myself into?

Crystal~ Well, there's a story behind the usage of the name Jamie. I would hope that if I were down your way that you would set me up with one of your friends named Jamie...or Jill, whatever.

O-Girl~ You benefit from hearing on a regular basis the non-action that is my real life. So yeah, you weren't fooled for a second. That is an esteem builder.

Scary~ Make sure to rub it in, too.

Keshi~ This was all just a ruse to cover up the fact that Jamie said no. April Fools!

Tys on Ice said...

damn! i came here to congratulate u...

why do i always fall for this crap :(

Julie Schuler said...

I was about to rush in and admonish you as well..
Never 1) Get Married 2)Get Pets 3)Have Children. I should have listened to my brother-in-law when he said "RUN! RUN! HERE COME THE HANGIN' JUDGE!"

Nessa said...

You April Fool; )

The Grunt said...

Tys~ It's alright. It will be for real someday.

Julie~ HAHA! Well, I'm so afraid of marriage that if I do get married I will probably be barfing and passing out on my wedding day, not from drinking, but from sheer "What have I done?"-ness.

Nessa~ No, you are!

Jules said...

Ahhhh... I'm not "with it" enough to have realized on my own this was an April Fool's prank... so given the stuff I know about your life, I was about to cuff you upside the head for not clueing me in sooner!

I was really rooting for you... really! :OP