Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A leetle postie for you with some linky action

Some of you may have already known about "Garfield Minus Garfield", but for those that don't and love laughing their asses off, here is a link you will like: Clickity Click Me. Not all of the strips are funny, but are sad takes on mental illness and loneliness. What the anonymous creator of this strip did was take out Garfield from strips where John and Garfield had a bit together, leaving John all alone and talking to himself.

As for me, I started today off a bit shaky. I felt like a piece of gum that had been smashed into the carpet--it took me awhile to get unstuck. After 2:00 PM things started to pick up for me. I have been thinking lately of something that Bruce Lee said once, "If you make an ass out of yourself, there will always be someone to ride you." That is very profound. I am beginning to think that there are many people around me that are in that twisted rodeo.

It must've been about 15 years ago, but I was on a camping trip and I had this vivid dream that I was putting full fry baskets in the lake and cooking hamburgers off of rocks. I call those "McDonald's Dreams" and I still have those dreams every so often. I worked there during high school and a brief stint about two years after high school as a grill manager (whooooo). That place freakin' scarred me. I should post the recipe for "Satan Burgers" someday. It's my own recipe, you know.



Diane Mandy said...

I've never seen Garfield minus Garfield. Thanks for link.

NYD said...

It was kinda wierd filling in what I thought Garfield might say.

You might want to lay off the midnight burritos- there giving you strange dreams.

Claire said...

Satan burgers? Oh my.


Karyn said...

Dammit, at first glance, I really thought it said KINKY action.

Crystal said...

you better cheer up because you just got tagged, bro.

Melliferous Pants said...

I bet Satan would make a damn fine burger.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

For some reason the cartoon with John telling no one(?) to stay away from his fish dinner made me laugh hysterically. I think it was his expression.

But most of them were just sad.

Julie Schuler said...

I hope the satan burgers have bacon on them. I would eat them, even if it meant eternal damnation.

Christielli said...

Yeah, I've seen Garfield - Garfield before and it's pretty funny.

I prefer soul donuts to satan burgers myself. ;)

The Grunt said...

Diane~ I hope it makes you laugh.

NYD~ Weird dreams are all I've got right now. Well, that and this thermos.

Claire~ Oh, yes!

Karyn~ Yeah, I can feel your disappointment clear over here.

Crystal~ Is it another meme about love, because I don't want people finding out that I love sniffing glue.

Pants~ Satan's burger would certainly make you have a foodgasm, but his promises of not gaining any weight from it would be broken.

O-Girl~ Yeah, once it started sounding like my life I had to take a break from it.

Julie~ They could have bacon on them. I'll have to post about it for full disclosure.

Christielli~ Soul donuts, lol! I thought you'd already be ahead of the curve on the Garfield - Garfield thing, seeing as you are hip enough to enjoy Flight of the Conchords.

Diane Mandy said...

I just tagged you...sorry!

Nessa said...

That is a profound quote from Bruce Lee. I hope your feeling better. I often feel off kilter, like I'm half a step away from my body, sort of like TV shadows of old.

Clearlykels said...

Smile! Spring's a coming!

Anthony S. said...

First time reading, Grunt; I love the link. Very funny. Have fun with Crystal's meme!

Jules said...

Loving the "Guh... Bah.. Duhhh" one!! LOL

Keshi said...

Is there a McSatan?


The Grunt said...

Diane~ I forgive you. I will be working on it. I've got another tag that I'm honoring at the moment.

Nessa~ I'm feeling a bit better, thanks. Getting back in the swing of things is tough.

Kels~ It's always Spring when you come by.

Anthony~ Welcome! Yeah, I have been having a fun time on that meme. It should be interesting.

Jules~ That one is funny. But I like the one where he's trying to figure out what to do with his cramped hand.

Keshi~ Yes, and his name is Bob.