Sunday, April 06, 2008

Much apost about nothing...perhaps

Something weird happened to me today. I got out a photo album and was looking at pictures of me and my buddies on a mountain bike trip. About two hours after that I get a call from one of those buddies. I haven't talked to him in ages. His words, no lie, were, "You know, I was looking at some old pictures of us mountain biking in Moab today and thought I should give you a ring." Freaking weird.

The best part about having phone conversations with this friend is that his wife, a native of the Philippines, likes to listen in. I have no idea what she gets out of it but I can clearly hear her whispering stuff in Tagolog to her husband, to which he'll then ask me certain questions. I figure that it is a cultural thing and let it go. It is probably just them planning to fix me up with a Pilipino bride. I'm not joking about this one here. I used to get some weird pen pals out of nowhere thanks to these two.

And now for something completely different....

People have been posting about love a lot lately. Yeah, I get it. Love is great and all that fluffy bunny stuff. No, I'm not going to knock it one bit. I am glad that people are posting about the stuff that they love, but no one has said, "Oh, and you know what? I really love that Grunt guy. He's the bee's effin' knees. Really. Better than maple syrup and cuter than a baby cow." So, in lieu of such a statement, I will say what needs to be said right here right now.

I love...

you guys.

I was going to name you all one by one, but there are lurkers that I don't know of that I love as well and don't know their names. Plus, it's late and I know that I'll forget someone and ruin their day.

I don't know if you can fathom what an impact having people read what I have to say and respond to it has done to my life. When I got out of college in 2001 I burned myself out--I imploded. The disappointment was so great for me that I distanced myself from it all the best that I could. I even took my diploma off of the bedroom wall. I kind of fucked up on life after college and never forgave myself for it. I was feeling like the academic successes that I had in college were all a fluke because of my downfall afterward. I felt stupid and believed it to the core.

In 2005, I started corresponding with a cousin (10 pts. if you can guess who he is in bloggerland) that I used to be fairly close to when I was younger. He was all into this blogging stuff and inspired me to start my own blog, because I liked to write. Well, I certainly wasn't getting a captive audience in real life. This medium opened up a whole new world to me and provided me a way to reach each one of you freaks. That was a compliment. The resulting relationships and outlet have proved to me that I am not stupid, different, yes, but not stupid. Oh, and likable. This adventure has turned me around in the self hate department.

I'm not sure what to do with all the leftover mess that I created for myself in this decade, but at least I don't want to fuck off and die anymore. Really, it was that bad. So, thanks for providing me some more incentive to keep at it. So, those of you who have had privy to my real life details and recoiled in fear, now you can at least have a better appreciation of where I've come from and where I am now. I hope to be heading in the right direction. Keep reading. It helps.


NYD said...

Glad to find out where you are coming from, but I keep coming back to see where you are going.

P.S. My love ain't fluffy, but it includes you, Grunt my capitain.

Julie Schuler said...

I'm glad blogging has been such a positive influence for you. I just started mine to sell crap.

All my love, powdered, laced and embalmed.

vera said...

"Oh, and you know what? I really love that Grunt guy. He's the bee's effin' knees. Really. Better than maple syrup and cuter than a baby cow."

I shall add baby polar bears, seals and pandas to this as well... I was addicted to watching baby pandas on youtube this weekend, so yah, that's a pretty hefty statement.

You know you rock my world, Grunto.

Heart Ya,

Christielli said...

That's cool how you and your friend had some sort of psychic connection thing going.

You should have given a specific shoutout to readers whose first names start with the letter C, since that's best letter.

But, yeah, having readers rocks for sure, and blogging is such a positive outlet. You rock too!!

ps I *never* post about love. Not my style. Unless it's the love between the man and a fine cigar, as Dr. Hibbert would say.

Keshi said...

Im glad Blogging has helped u to stay positive Grunty. It sure does the same to me.


btw I love the title of this post!


Jules said...

Grunty, you're better than the bees knees... you're more like the cat's ass! Even better, you're like the cat's crusty ass!

Ewww... I know. Next time I'll just say I love you 2 and get it over with!

The Grunt said...

NYD~ I hope to be going to some interesting places, but I think the bathroom would be the best next choice for me.

Julie~ I love your crap. I should pimp your crap, that's how much I love it. You just may find yourself featured in a post someday. Anyway, since I can't afford a painting, I've been eying one of the shirts.

Vera~ Rock your world with devil horns! Panda's are great.

Christielli~ How about this then: I love Christy! That should do the trick. Oh, and it goes without mention that the love a man has for a fine cigar is the most beautiful love of all. (Insert Dr. Hibbert laugh here.)

Keshi~ I made it sound like blogging was the sole thing that changed me, but there were many other things as well. However, I never could have imagined just how big of an impact it would have in my life. I'm such a geek:) Anyway, you keep me positive. I am positive of that fact.

Jules~ I need more detail. What did the cat have to eat?

Sun Follower said...

Oh, and you know what? I really love that Grunt guy. He's the bee's effin' knees. Really. Better than maple syrup and cuter than a baby cow.

It had to be said... again. XO

Karyn said...

I realize it may throw people when someone so patently badass as myself blogs about fluffy lovey goodness... but hey, the rules were that you couldn't include people.

(Nobody blogged about loving me either if it helps. I have to actually cross a large body of water to a different land mass to feel the love.)

But you can feel it, sitting where you are, blowing in on a breeze from the east.

The Grunt said...

Sun~ Thanks. I think you are the bee's knees and elbows too.

Karyn~ I was just PMS'ing pretty hard.