Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A dream I had and an exciting bit of my day

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I had a dream Friday night where there were all these little brown mice popping up everywhere. I was trying to catch them. When I caught one I'd throw it down the garbage disposal. The dream kept going on and on like this until there was one especially small mouse left that I caught in my hands, then it simply vanished.

I was a bit of a hero today. I was at work and I heard a car having mechanical issues. The car's starter was engaging continuously while the car was running, but the ignition was off. The girls in the car were freaking out. I went over to see what I could do. I told the girl who owned the car to pop the hood. I lifted the hood of the Ford Escort and immediately saw smoke, then the engine bay caught on fire. I slammed the hood down to starve the fire of oxygen, then got my gloves from my back pocket and put them on my hands. I didn't see a coil wire on this car--it had a bunch of clip harnesses and shit--so I figured that I would reach in the engine bay as fast as I could and start pulling spark plug wires. The idea worked, of course, and the car finally stopped. The funny thing was that while the girl who owned the car was crying from all the trauma, there was this Mexican girl shouting, "Fords suck ass. Chevy, representin'!" Oh, no she dee'int!

How's your day going so far?


Julie Schuler said...

Yay! You saved the day. After having had two Ford Contours and one Chevy Impala, I have to say we've spent less on repairs with the Impala. So far. I mean, all the "hey, your car is broken" lights are on in the Impala, but it's still going.

Crystal said...

guys who fix cars are hot. sometimes you can just act like you're fixing it and it's still hot.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I wonder what the ghost mouse in the dream was all about. hmmm.

I think guys who fix cars are hot, too. Unfortunately, there is never one of those around when I need one.

Karyn said...

Brown Mice = Scary mutating cells.
You worked hard to get rid of them and they're all gone.

That's my spin on it.

She's right about cars and guys working on them you know. Men who can fix cars or play instruments with their hands make you wonder what else they can do with their hands.

Oh wait. You play music too.


The Grunt said...

Julie~ My sister once owned a Chevy Impala...a 1970 model. It was a kick-ass ghetto machine.

Crystal~ Kind of like when a woman acts like she is having an...well, you know.

O-Girl~ I thought living in Georgia there would be some sort of surplus of Beau and Luke Dukes. I guess not. Anyway, you have been in my Clyde and know how no nonsense and well maintained he is.

Karyn~ I can dig it. Yes, and music too. Now if only I had money.

Diane Mandy said...

You were a hero!!

Keshi said...

Guys fixing anything is HOT!