Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Update on your favorite prima donna

Yeah, I've been going through the drama lately. Thanks to you guys, I keep on going. I changed the store "Gruntonia" and I think the products are now something that you'll all like. I only have a basic package with this thing, so I can only offer one design per product. In other words, a white t-shirt can only be offered with one design. I can change that design, but can't offer two or more versions of it. Variety doth not a basic package offer and I have to keep my $$$ to pay for cancer treatment.

So, I offer "GRUNTONIAN" t-shirts, with my avatar icon on the back of the t-shirts where that was an available option (not available in the black long sleeve). Dark color t-shirts are currently being used for the enlarged "Scary Ass Clown" design, available until Halloween. I got rid of all the cutesy "Captain" howdy shit.

So, now to the story of your screwed up mental patient of a friend: me. I'm exiting a very dark pit at the moment. Physical and mental challenges have dogged me on this particularly toxic part of my treatment. I'm having to part with some beloved guitars and amps. Girls think I have cooties, except older ones. Car repair drama. My body is going to pot from not being as active as I used to be and I can't seem to do anything about it due to pain and fatigue. My do-hickey don't work so good anymore. Oh, and I feel like my stomach is hanging under my throat ready to send out a big hello of chunky goodness half the time. Sometimes, for no reason at all, I feel like something isn't right, but I don't know what in the hell that thing is and I worry like hell about it. Lack of sleep.

Despite all of this I am turning my way of thinking around and looking forward to one week from now. That will mark my halfway point with my chemotherapy. I have kick-ass friends and family (you all are included in that), so I am winning. Battles get ugly and this one certainly has for me. They don't call it "Cuddly Kittens Disease". They call it cancer, and it is one deadly son of a bitch. I think I'm doing pretty damn good.

Do pity parties come with pinatas? 'Cause I totally want one.


Crystal said...


Clearlykels said...

Ditto-- what Crystal said :-)

Nessa said...

You are doing great. I haven't seen much self pity.

Here's kisses to go with the hugs.

vera said...



Outdoorsy Girl said...

I am very excited for you coming upon your halfway mark! We need a party with a pinata for that.

And of course, we can always get you a pity party pinata if you want one. (Even though I really think you've been very tough through all of this and haven't shown all that much self pity even though it would be totally excusable if you did.)

hugs n kisses from me, too! :)

Scary Monster said...

You are still feeling? That be a good sign even iffin the feeling be kinda shitty. Just keep throwin them jabs, Cap'n.

A pinata sounds like just the thing. Me wansta join ya fer the donky whacking.


Jules said...

Bbabes, you just bring yourself to the party, I've got everything else under control, okay?

That completely sucks asshole that you are having to part with your beloved guitars and amps... that just shouldn't have to happen. I did my part hon, I ordered my little bit of Gruntonia!

Hugs forever!

Christielli said...

Thanks for the update. I know that it's a crazy time, but you are doing pretty damn good as you said, despite all of the challenges.

Mmmmm, pinatas!

Sun Follower said...

It must be a pinata in the shape of a cancer cell and I will give you a big old bat and NO blindfold! You go, Grunt!


Sun Follower said...
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cindra said...

you are my hero, dear grunty. i'm so proud of the grace and humor you carry are big hugs and kisses for you...xoxoxoxoxoxoxoo

EBEZP said...

You are doing ok mate, keep it up. I'm gonna bag myself a bit of gruntonia.....hee hee!

Corn Dog said...

Half way point!!! YAH! Cause for celebration. Throw a chemo bag on the treatment room ceiling and watch it break. Good going, Grunt.

Chandra said...

I wish I had carebear powers that could hug the cancer out of you. It sounds frivilious but ya. I think you should make shirts that say "The grunt.. Kickin cancer's ass" I would snap those up... just have to be in black. White frightens me... I don't want to blend in too much with my clothing.

If I could afford it myself, I would get you a sex change so that I could give you my health card that gets you all "cancer" stuff free. Seriously if you need something drop me an email, Tom Baker Cancer centre is the best in North America (and it's in calgary!!!!) second to the Mayo Clinic.

p.s Did your dohickey ever work so good? LOL just kidding :P

Karyn said...

I'm not even commenting on the dohickey. It'll work fine. What do you mean by "older girls"? I need to know before I take my pinata stick to you.

Pinata, btw. Very funny.

And I dont think you're having a pity party. I think you're having a rage party, and you're entitled. Can I come?