Saturday, September 29, 2007

Get your "Scary Ass Clown" Apparel now!!!

Okay, I finally came up with some dark shirts and one other thing with this on the front. I couldn't get the image any bigger on the shirts (check it out on the sidebar). That's what I had to work with. I'm thinking of other shirts that won't get my ass sued, which for TIGF!!! might be a toughie.
As for me, well, I am climbing out of a pretty dark pit. I've felt really alone and weak physically. None of this crap that has been going on with my health and other circumstances has been easy on me, for sure. It seems that one way or another your body and mind can't take it forever and you crash.
I drop by your blogs and just don't feel like I have anything to say lately. I am beginning to feel that will change. I just have to ride this thing out. I know that I am clinging to a small readership here. I love you all, really. I know this sounded rather melodramatic. It's just what I'm feeling right now.


Scary Monster said...

Cap'n it's not about readership. It's about keepin them devils at bay.
This clown reminds me of one you posted when we first met. You rode out that storm and you will do the same here.
Knowin the fight is gonna be tough is all the more reason to keep on throwin punches at the opponent. Just don't forget to take a rest between rounds and look at the beayties holdin the cards.
No matter how stormy the sky looks now, Me assures ya that there be blue skies above it and calmer seas ahead.

Keep on GRUNTIN and STOMPIN!!!

Karyn said...

Ah, kid. We love you too. It's ok to drop by and not comment. (Shit, I mean, I get loads of hits every day and like NO comments, so you're really just blending in with the common folk.)

Of course you're gonna crash and the waves are going to pull you under sometimes. I know of which I speak on this. Eventually they toss you up on the shore and you can go collect shells and drink pina coladas or whatever suits you.

Just keep kicking.


Karyn said...

Oh and PS: What is UP with the scary ass clown apparel!? AAAGH! Are you TRYING to keep me up nights?

Sun Follower said...


it must be something in the stars... I've been having a rough time too... hang in there, the pendulum ALWAYS swings back.

Nessa said...

Conserve your energy for those things you enjoy doing most. That's the best thing for you.

You are always in my prayers.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Hugs...I know this is tough- and the old saying about it being "darkest before dawn" is true- I promise.

Christielli said...

There is a mural in one of our school hallways that has a scary as hell clown on it. It was painted years and years ago, but I'd never noticed it 'til a coworker told me about it this week, so I had to make a special trip to see it. It is scary.

Tys on Ice said...

hey the idea of the t-shirt but i really wud love to see a black t-shirt with ur grunt logo...or perhaps just grunt written in big bold blood red color...tht will be cool...

u r loved too pal...(jeez now i feel all gay all over)

vera said...

i agree with "sun follower" it is indeed in the stars at the moment... we'll all get through our own mellow-drama... at least we can cling to the fact that we are not alone in our suffering.


PS: i would like a tshirt in black that just says "Gruntonian" :P

EBEZP said...

Hey mate you come and go as you please!
Take care, chin up and ready to go!!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Scary Ass Clown is a great addition to the Grunt line. Just in time for Halloween, too.

Vera has a cool shirt idea.

Scott said...

I hope that you are feeling better soon. I have thought about you often and how tough this shit is. I know one thing though, you are tougher, so take care, play a little Rush and get back!

NYD said...

Things may not be perfect, but if you have the energy to put these t-shirts and mugs and stuff together than I'm certain that you have what it takes to beat this.
Like the Monster sez: Keep GRUNTIN!

Keshi said...

I can only imagine wut ur going thru Grunty..but I know Im not even close to the reality of it all. HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ! I hope all will be ok with ur health soon..I pray!


Jules said...

Honey, you have to remember that after this is all over you're going to be healthy and well again... count down the chemo's... you CAN and WILL do this!!!

PLEASE, just do what you can, when you can and don't overdo things. Alright? You don't have to be superman anymore. I, for one, don't expect it and give you permission not to be.

If I could be there in person, you KNOW I would.

Love you!
Pinky GT

Clearlykels said...

We are thinking about you:-)