Sunday, October 07, 2007

Right, take a seat and listen for a bit.

Well, I'm offering a new design of thong at my store. This is a concept that was born of a conversation that mi amigo and I were having about free breakfast and strip clubs--not that we're that sort of men. He thought that it would be a novel idea of tipping the dancer with your breakfast. I then came up with the idea of "The Breakfast Thong". He then came up with the idea you see to the right.

I told my friend Jules about it and she wanted to do the design based on me and my friend's ideas. Anyway, the pancakes go down the front to keep warm. You don't wanna know where the sausage goes. So, this is an actual thing you can buy, although I did it as a joke. Aren't I a funny guy.

On another note, I've been feeling pretty good lately. The physical side of things still is a challenge, but emotionally I feel great. Too bad this stuff keeps on going. I hit my halfway point for chemo on Wednesday. I am going to celebrate by not puking all over the place and taking a nap.

I got an old guitar all rewired and sounding superb. It sounds and plays so nice that I don't want to sell it now. I am this way with all my equipment, but some of it just has to go. It's not that I don't have money; it's just that I don't have that much anymore and I am smart enough to know that sacrifice now means stability later. Still, it is hard to part with an old friend.

I decided to hop in Clyde today and go for a drive out in the country. It was great. However, I almost got in a couple of accidents from people drifting into my lane and I was distracted for a bit and my truck went off the road a tad. The thing that made my testicles scream was that I was inches from going down a fifty foot drop off. Here I was swearing at "stupid" people for nearly hitting me and then I was driving off the damn road. My BF Goodriches kept me from sliding off and I got back on the road. I think I pissed my pants just a little after that. Gotta love country roads. Oh, and the road kill tally was pretty damn high today.

Right now, there is snow in the mountains. Yesterday I took Clyde up a canyon, and against better judgment in my condition, cut some fresh tracks up there on some trails. I actually took a couple of photos on the way up on my journey. I'll post them later.

All this shows that I've finally got my car problems taken care of and I can finally trust my vehicle to not strand me. Of course, that's provided that I don't do something stupid. Now I just need to get my body free of cancer and I will be out testing my limits once again.


Keshi said...

I love ur sparkling spirit Grunty HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

Wud love to see u play the guitar and sing...ur voice is amazing!


Karyn said...

The Breakfast Thong.

It's too funny to laugh. I'm just staggered by how funny it is. Seriously.

Glad your tires came through for you and that you're out and about and feeling more grounded.

Kick ass. Thinking good thoughts for, of and to you.

Clearlykels said...

Ok-- new lesson: Staying on the road when driving.

please, pass the test :-)

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I will definitely need to order the breakfast thong.

Jealous of those exciting drives you're having. :(

Serena Joy said...

Hmmm. I can see where the breakfast thong would work. LOL. Hey, I'm glad you're mid-way through the chemo and feeling pretty good, all things considered.

The Grunt said...

Keshi~ I like your hugs!

Karyn~ My tires should come through after how much I had to pay for them.

Kels~ I'll try;)

O-Girl~ I'm a good driver.

Serena~ I'm happy for my mid-way point. I just wish some other stresses were out of my life so I could celebrate it better.

Scott said...

Congrats on the halfway point. Great news!

I hope that everything else is going well. Ever sell any 'cheap' guitars, or acoustic models? I am thinking about playing a little again.


Photogirl said...

that's one thing I do miss about living in the city...the lack of country roads to just go for a drive along on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

but what am I talking about? I work on freakin sundays!!

Christielli said...

Yay! I'm glad that you are feeling better!

Jules said...

The collaboration was fun, sweets! Anytime you want, I'll be here to help out!

I already said it before, but congrats on making it half way!! This is so huge! Every one from no on in will just seem so much closer to the end, a down hill slide to the finish!

I am effectively spanking you on the buttocks for risking your life with Clyde, though... (take that either way ;OP ). If that's how you celebrate your half way mark, I'm scared to hear how you're gonna celebrate come January!


The Grunt said...

Scott~ Well, I have cheap guitars as well. This one is certainly cheap, but it plays well. I think most of the money will come from the amps. Good on you for wanting to pick up the guitar again!

Celeste~ I'm in the market for a hard-working sugar momma.

Christielli~ Thanks! I'm happy that I got through that tough spell.

Jules~ A good spanking is just what I need.

Chandra said...

And her I thought I was the only woman you were trying to woo with that hot voice of yours....