Thursday, October 25, 2007

TIGF!!! (That's Incredibly Gay Friday): Lemonade

Lemonade is either old fashioned or fruity. Either way it is TIGF!!! When you have your choice of manly beverages and choose lemonade instead, a special thing happens to your taste buds--something says, "hellooooooooo!" Add raspberry or other delights and it gets even gayer, my friend. But, nothing could be gayer than the ultimate in TIGF: pink lemonade!!!

Lately, I've been digging this thing called lemonade because it is the drink that cuts through all my nasty chemo effects on my taste and my mouth. You know I'm going to be drinking some on this spectacularly gay Friday.

What gay drinks do you indulge in?


NYD said...

I'm guessing that lemonade's gay because it makes you pucker at both ends. When considering the gay drink I can only think of fruity cocktails with the little umbrellas in them or flavored Margaritas.

Chandra said...

American: Ice tea Canadian: Ice tea
TOTALLY different

No real gay drinks in my past... I may however turn "gay" after a few drinks aka the lesbo potion.

Oh crystal light strawberry kiwi and strawberry orange banana kill the taste. So does Blue raspberry ice lemonade Kool-aid. Someday I will use all my knowledge for good!

Country time Pink Lemonade is the best one! S.O.B crystal light kills the taste when you have to have protein shakes too.

I'm a crystal light adult, and a koolaid kid! Bring on the gay vibers!

cindra said...

I don't like any gay drinks. I don't think...nope. I like whiskey and black coffee. I'm hardcore, baby.

vera said...

since im female... a gay drink that i indulge in would be BEER...

pretentiously gay imported EU beer to be exact...


Nessa said...

I like G & T's and pink lemonade. I'm not sure what that makes me.

BCM said...

Does diet soda count?

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Crystal Light of all flavors is my gay choice of drink. I like the little packets that I can pour into my bottle water and shake up.

The pink lemonade rocks da house!

Jules said...

Ever try a snowball? Used to be my favorite cocktail... but then, isn't any cocktail gay?

Keshi said...

Lemonade isnt gay cos Keshi loves leamonade. hang on, it does make it gay doesn it? LOL!

My fav gay drink is Lemon Lime Bitters :)


Keshi said...


Scary Monster said...

Hey there Cap'n. It be good to see you still can tickle me funny bone. (in a very non-gay way) Me don't engage in homoerotic beverages. Me even drinks me milk from a dirty glass.


Yer over the hump. Jus cruise through the rest of it.
Stay Stompy.

Photogirl said...



Tys on Ice said...

does slippery nipple count?

the drink i mean... :)

The Grunt said...

NYD~ LOL! Good point about the puckering.

Chandra~ So, what's the difference? A maple leaf?

Cindra~ I always suspected a bit of Irish in you.

Vera~ You are a Grolsch girl, I presume.

Nessa~ I don't know but you sure are cool. That makes you my friend.

BCM~ It sure can. Just lay off the Tab. You don't want your drink to effect your gender.

O-Girl~ I'm hearing Crystal Light again. Fabulous!

Jules~ Tell you what. I'll take the tail and you can have the....Where was I going with that one? Behave, Grunty!

Keshi~ TIGF is its own style of gay. It's the cruise ship where you get to party but not feel bad afterward. It's ok.

Scary~ Next thing you're going to tell me is that you dine on porcpine flambe. As for the remaining treatments of mine, they will be coming and going before I know it.

Celeste~ You just won a prize! I don't know what that prize is. Ask your friend Ernie. I think she has it.

Ty~ Fine choice. You get the booby prize for that one--ahar-har!

Chandra said...

OMG you people haven't been taught the difference. Okay ice tea here would be what you call Nestea ice tea or something equal to a pop version of bottled name brand ice tea. When in the USofA they seem to like to actually have COLD as ice Tea like Tea and Coffee tea... that is... utterly disgusting. But that's just my opinion.

Oh ya we totally put maple leafs and maple syrup on everything AND it comes from trees AND on some trees we get beer. It's great to be canadian and a lumberjack! LOL