Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I think I like putting things off. I must get some kind of sick pleasure out of it, honestly. I could use my disease as an excuse right now, but seriously, some of this crap I've been putting off could get done.

Procrasturbating is one of those things that I have indulged in most of my Huck Finn existence. I need to stop hanging out in that musty, old gym sock of putting things off.

Procrastination is not even close to what I'm talking about here. There's something, a gene perhaps, that I have where mere procrastination is not enough; rather, I relish taking my time or ignoring that one thing that must be done until I finally reach climax. Why else would I keep doing it?

I'm really not bad at it with most things, but certain areas are just lousy. I don't want you to get the impression that I'm lazy. I just hope that there are others who might find themselves smack dab in this situation. I want to know about the stuff you procrastinate purely out of pleasure.

Seriously though, anybody up for some mutual procrasturbation?


Nessa said...

I procrasturbate over financial things. I wait until the absolute possible moment to pay bills or fill out forms for no good reason, like a little kid having a stubborn fit.

Scary Monster said...

Iffin me suffers from procrasturbation, Me would have to say that it be in any situation where Me gotta write reports. The exquisite pleasure of putting off paperwork til the last minute leads to an orgasmic wave of cosmic proportions.

Stiff sock rating: 3


Scott said...

You should see the laundry piled up at my place, it is a sad sad state of affairs my friend.

Jules said...

My procrasturbations are...



well, crap. I proctastiNATE but I don't think I do it out of the lust for a big payoff at the end. It's ingenius, though... that you have discovered this. You could start up a new support group or something!

Logophile said...

the things I put off!
Why put off till tomorrow what you can put off till the day after that?
And if I put things off long enough I have a detail oriented type A who may very well just do it FOR me

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I'll procrasturbate with you. I have been doing it it along with you anyway and I suspect we procrasturbate about the same type of things.

The Grunt said...

Nessa~ I can't procrasturbate on paying bills anymore because they come at me way too fast and way too many.

Scary~ That is one that I had in college big time.

Scott~ Hahahaha! I can only imagine. I hope you don't lose Gordie in those piles.

Jules~ Are you ashamed of procrasturbating? It's a natural thing to do, you know.

Logo~ Yeah, I don't know if your hubby will let you get away with too much of that. Well, he may like watching now and then.

O-Girl~ Look at you! You have become a very bad girl since the handcuffing.

Karyn said...

I know this is a double entendre slash bawdy har-har kind of knee slapper... and I know it sounds like SOMETHING that's gnawing at me in the recesses of my mind... but dang if I can remember what it's been so long.

Mutual what now? Is that an insurance company?