Saturday, October 13, 2007

Where I venture

I need to do more of these for you all. It was taken with my phone. I was feeling a bit queasy but happy to be out in this other worldly location. The salt was sticky due to moisture--not good for land speed records on this day. I don't like to say much other than what I need to. The scenery speaks for itself.

About this time last year I was down in Escalante and Capitol Reef, Utah. If you can remember my video clip of the flooding that was going on in Capitol Reef you will kind of get my no-frills presentation.

After this clip my party and I headed over the border from Utah to Wendover, Nevada. Why? To say "hi" to Wendover Will, the cowboy. It had nothing to do with craps, blackjack, or loose slots.

One thing that amused the hell out of me was a sign out in the middle of nowhere that had an arrow pointing West with the words "Meat Goats" on it. Curiously, it made me hungry.

Anyway, that is what I did today. Fun, eh?

BTW, if you couldn't understand what I said, this is what it was, "Somewhere out on the Bonneville Salt Flats."


Queue_t said...

wow- you look pretty good grunty. Glad to see you doing fun stuff. We are getting rain here in the Denver Metro tonight and lots of thunder and lightning. Thanks for the video view of the flats.

Scary Monster said...

Lookin good, Cap'n. You be as streamlined and hardy as them land speed record cars they race out there.


Pokey said...

I am excited to hear you are out having fun and you look great!

Nessa said...

All of that openness looks fascinating.

Jules said...

I could watch that little video a million times... it's sooooo great to see you!!!!!! (HUGS)

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Good to see you! :) I still can't believe that YOU've never driven on the salt flats! ;)

Keshi said...

WOW Hottie! ;-)


vera said...

These pretzels are making me thirsty...
Very great to see you "oot and aboot"!
I took in the mountains on Friday. Sat by a lake and contemplated the silence.

The Grunt said...

QT~ I'll go anywhere and videotape it for you guys so long as I'm given a budget, but this one was on me!

Scary~ Streamlined is a good way of putting it.

Pokey~ Thanks! It really did feel good to get out.

Nessa~ My camera phone video does not do this place justice.

Jules~ That sounds like a challenge. I bet you can't!

O-Girl~ We all can't be as cool as you.

Keshi~ I try my best.

Vera~ The salt stuck to my feet. It was like I had elevator shoes on.

EBEZP said...

Good to see you out and about. Good vid m8!

Corn Dog said...

The salt flats are incredible looking. I've never been there. I love blog traveling.

Chandra said...

I am trying to decide if I want to watch the video, it might hurt the magic of the voice. I'm queer like that, but in the non controversial way

The Grunt said...

Ebezp~ It was good to be out and about. I wasn't doing too great that day but that trip perked me up.

Corn Dog~ They are incredible. It is amazing when you are there in person to get a sense of scale. The place is so big.

Chandra~ Aw, go on! Watch it!!!

Jules said...

356,897 times... how many more left to go?? *dreamy sigh*