Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloweenie is coming! Featuring "Phantasm" trailer and Jules, a true Gruntonian

The above clip is a trailer from the 1979 cult classic horror flick "Phantasm". If you were around here almost a year ago you'd remember that I did a post about the Tall Man. You can read that post here. There is just something about this film that gets me in the Halloween mood. Out of the four Phantasm films made the first is by far the best. The middle two are a bit on the howlingly bad/good time variety and the fourth is more weird and serious. Enough of my fanboy musings; let's get posty!

Now I know that there have been two other awesome as hell people, true to the cause of Gruntonia, who have bought t-shirts from me, but my good friend Jules was kind enough to send me a photo of her in her brand new "Gruntonian" white tank top. I thought I should share with you the photo. I did get permission, BTW.
Doesn't she look ABFAB? If you have no idea what "ABFAB" means you need to study up on your Brit sitcoms--which reminds me that if you have no idea who "Old Greg" is, I'm feeling that you need to find out. Hint: He's an underwater funk machine/fish that has a light spewing mangina. Beware of fishing out on Black Lake when the moon is full. I warned y'all!


Scary Monster said...

Cap'n! You be makin the Monster one very happy person. The CD's arrived on me birthday! Thanks man. You ought to post the music on yer blog. You are one very talented singer, songwriter, guitarist. People would love to hear yer music, Me guarantees it!


Scott said...

Nice shirt Grunt!

Clearlykels said...


Crystal said...

instead of sending you a picture of me in my breakfast thong, i will most likely draw you a picture of me in my breakfast thong so as not to offend you so hard that you can't eat ice cream in addition to burritos.

The Grunt said...

Scary~ Who says that procrasturbation doesn't pay off? That is cool that it arrived on your b-day. I'm glad that you like my artful yodeling.

Scott~ Thanks!

Kels~ Thanks! Thanks!

Crystal~ Cool, I hope you like it. But I would be aroused, not offended by a photo. However, there is something rather "Superbad" about drawing a picture. Please, no drawings of "Stalin" penises in the background.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I will probably be checking out your movie this week. And of course I'll be giving my review.

I need to hurry up and decide which shirt will be most complimentary on me. I am being a real procrastibator, aren't I?

Sun Follower said...

The t-shirt looks great on Jules!

When it comes to scary movies, I'm an "Exorcist" fan myself. Nothing like drudging up the old fear-based Catholicism to scare the crap out of a person.

Nessa said...

Jules does look ABFAB.

Jules said...

Wow, now even I am in the mood for Halloween!

I'm wearing my tank right now, as we speak! Woohoo! Thanks for the compliment, and thanks for being you and thanks for, well... everything you say and do! :O) I don't think I've ever been so proud to display myself in my life! And it's not even a dirty pic!


The Grunt said...

O-Girl~ I will be waiting for your review.

Sun~ "The Exorcist" is a movie that I get very excited about, especially Captain Howdy.

Nessa~ Doesn't she, though?

Jules~ It's all about you, Mrs. Fabulous!

EBEZP said...

Abfabs indeed Grunt, means absolutely fabulous btw.
Bet you wouldn't post a pic of me wearing my newly acquired scarey clown T shirt that I've just bought though.....bloody sexist I call it......
Sorry I haven't been round much mate, you doing ok?