Monday, October 15, 2007

Hoola Poop!

My favorite new saying is that I'm "off me tit" about something.

I had this great dream last week, but when I woke up I couldn't stop laughing at it. In the dream I was promoted to a job up on the top floor of the organization that I work for. I had no idea what it was that I did, but it seemed like everyone was liking it. I was all off me tit about it, sitting there in my big chair and huge office. That is when the best part happened: a sexy office lady came up to me with a memo that just said "Stud!!!" I wrote a reply back saying, "Stud Finder!!!" To which she giggled and cooed at me. It was all very sexy and real until I woke up. I started laughing at the whole exchange.

I was off me tit about it all day long.
The End.


Nessa said...

That's a great dream and a t-shirt worthy saying.

The Grunt said...

I was thinking the very same thing. Last night I had a dream that I was 007. I was totally off me tit about it.

vera said...

I have dreams similar in theme to the music of Acid Mother Temple & The Melting Parasio U.F.O....
Or other days I just dream about blankness.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

What a great dream. And you never just might happen, stud!

Corn Dog said...

I quite like the repartee of your dream. It would make a fabulous black and white short.

She: Stud
He: Stud Finder

And then he nailed her. The end.

Chandra said...

See that's how my dreams start out... and then just get bad... but in the good way after that.

Maybe I'm queer, maybe Im a pussy, but I just am not prepared to view the video yet.

You know that stud finder on the internet is a gay porn location finder. I found that out after 4 years of university and some interesting gay men I worked with.

off your tit??? I need further clarification

Chandra said...

ok fine... I watched it. I was expecting scorsese but it reminded me of the "breathe" video by faith hill.

Jules said...

LOL! Great dream! I won't go into detail about my dream about the guy at the tattoo parlour that I've had for 2 nights in a row, but rest assured, I'm looking forward to sleep tonight!! ;O)

Jules said...

P.S. I agree about putting that slogan on a t-shirt! I love it!

Photogirl said...

meh. All I dream about these days is work.

The Grunt said...

Vera~ Blankness is so restfull. The other is so Dali.

O-Girl~ Come and say that to my face.

Corn Dog~ That would be great. What I really need is a dream recorder.

Chandra~ You have put me on a pedestal. I am a human being. Feel my imperfections!!!

Jules~ Was it the oscillations from the needle that got you all bothered?

Celeste~ Well, so long as you are in those work dreams I say they are all good.

Tys on Ice said...

lets analyse this:

sit down comfortably on that sofa, lay back..

now, u say that u dreamt that u were promoted , u had a great new office, big desk, big chair....and a sexy lady walked in with stud written on a memo to which u answered with stud finder...


rite, if this was a dream, why do u have ink stains in ur fingers and why is my receptionsit walking arnd with a compass pointed at u?