Wednesday, October 31, 2007



I've been wondering lately about Frankenstein's head and why it's shaped like a bucket of fried chicken. Did Dr. Frankenstein just not give a flying Fargk? He's all like, "This shit is taking too long, Fritz. Just dig that one up; damn aesthetics!"

Which brings me to the actor Dwight Frye, who played "Fritz", the assistant, in the original 1931 film adaptation of "Frankenstein", as well as "Renfield", the real estate agent who goes crazy serving Count Dracula, in the 1931 film adaptation of "Dracula". On Alice Cooper's album "Love it to Death" (notice: the group was named "Alice Cooper" at that time and not just "Alice" himself) there is an awesome tribute to Dwight Frye in their song "The Ballad of Dwight Fry". It is worth downloading most of that album, BTW, but that song alone is worth the $0.99 on Itunes for a musical Halloween treat.

While we are talking Alice Cooper, let me recommend some creepy songs of his. "Dead Babies" sounds like a dementedly dark Beatles tune about the tragic consequences of child neglect; this is one of the group's best tunes. "Black JuJu" if you like rip offs of Pink Floyd's "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun". "Only Women Bleed" a touching ballad about what abused/battered women have to endure. "Cold Ethyl" a funny little song about necrophilia. "I Love the Dead" is why I love Alice Cooper, because people think they/he are all about heavy metal and they were never even close to that: This song is basically a Broadway show tune.

I was at the hospital today getting a nuepogen injection. The nurses were dressed in old school uniforms. Women, if you want to look hotter than hell for Halloween, I recommend the old school nurse's uniform for a costume.

Anyway, I am not going to anything special tonight. It's been cold and sunny here, so my costume is of the "bald" unibomber variety, with Aviator mirror sunglasses and a hoodie. I look pretty badass. Anyway, I am doing my own version of Linus waiting for the "Great Pumpkin" tonight. Only, I am keeping my eye out for
a Fatsquatch and the mysterious Hobo Frankenstein. I think I will at least spy a Fatsquatch. He always has great Halloween candy on hand.

Happy Halloween!


Sun Follower said...

And a Happy All Hallow's Eve to you as well, my Grunty friend :)

Spacecake said...

Happy Halloween back to ya.

I was planning on celebrating Halloween this year, but then I thought "fuck it" and I did.

I think Alice Cooper sucks. I mean, it's the kind of band I really want to like, but the harder I want it, the less progress I make. I haven't listened to them in ages.

I'll go die now. Bye.

No wait, I'll go buy liquorice instead. Because Halloween. And shit.

The Grunt said...

Sun~ Thanks! I'm going as a plain-clothed Lex Luther for Halloween.

Spacecake~ That's cool that you don't like Alice Cooper. Most of his stuff is more or less pop/Vaudeville with a dark twist. People that turn to him for any Gothic or metal fix usually end up disappointed. Oh, and please don't die. That would make me unhappy.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Happy Halloween to you!

I spotted a Fatsquatch today, but no Hobo Frankenstein. I guess one out of two ain't too bad.

Scary Monster said...

Me loves Alice Cooper. Welcome to my nightmare and hey stoopid be masterful rock n roll monuments.

Iffin yer Lex Luther than me be lex with peach fuzz.


Jules said...

Happy Halloween, Grunty! Guess what shirt Eb wore tonight in honor of you! I have a picture of him to prove it, too! :O)

The Grunt said...

O-Girl~ Really? Was his name Quinn?

Scary~ Good to see a fellow Alice Cooper fan. Also cool that we have the same "costume".

Jules~ I wanna see!

cindra said...

Happy November!

Christielli said...

The boo-bees joke is my friend Sandee's favourite joke of all time.

Oh, I totally expect that you'd be like your blog, which I would totally dig. :D

Keshi said...

Booooooooo Grunty! :)


hmmm tnxx for tip!


Nessa said...

Hope the Great Pumpkin blessed you well.

The Grunt said...

Cindra~ Thanks, I hope that November will be a good month for me.

Christielli~ Well, I am glad that you think of me in such a way because some people don't get it.

Keshi~ If ever you get dressed up in such a way, send me pictures of you.

Nessa~ It was quiet, yet enjoyable.

Crystal said...

i don't like those bees.