Friday, November 17, 2006

TIGF!!! (That's Incredibly Gay Friday): The Tall Man

The Tall Man (Angus Scrimm, of the "Phantasm" films) is totally gay because he likes to rob people of their everlasting slumber and turn them into his dwarf slaves. He also likes to chase 14-year-old boys around, screaming, "Boooooooooooooy!" Actually, that is one of my favorite lines from any movie, ever.

His mausoleum kicks some serious ass, with all its scary marble halls; portholes to his alien worlds; scary, hooded, killer dwarfs; and the Ball.

He also drove two kick ass whips, yo...

and one like this, but white..

Still, the hot shit big brother, Jody, and his pal Reggie, shared the best ride...a kick ass '70-'71
Plymouth 'Cuda with a 440 wedge (sometimes the 426 Hemi, depending on which film it was).

Okay, okay, what is really TIGF here is my screaming fan-boy appreciation for the Phantasm films and the Tall Man, and the fact that most of you probably have no recollection of or have never seen this film. If I did this on Halloween, it would have been too obvious.



goldennib said...

I don't watch scary movies. I get scared. But the wagons and cars look cool.

NYD said...

Man, I haven't thought about that movie in years!!! I'll just have to pop round the video store and rent it. Might just turn out to be a decent weekend after all.


P.S. Not really anon, but the new Beta wont let me post comments on non beta users

Stay cool.

NYD aka. Misplaced man

NYD said...

Figured out how to do it. Yikes! I'm such a dork!!!

Karyn said...

I did watch a Phantasm movie when I was young and naive and believed the descriptions on the back of the movie boxes at the rental place.

Can't remember sweet fuckall about the movie except for the ball. Don't even remember anything ABOUT the ball, only that there was one.

Ah well.

LindzyPinzy said...

yah I can't comment on these movies..haven't even heard of them.....sounds interesting boooy...and a little disturbing

Issy said...

This is the first time I've been to your blog Grunt and I am in love with it! I have tried to explain Phantasm to a number of people and they look at me like I'm a retard. It was one of the first twisted horror movie that I was exposed to and let the path to many years of horror facination. I you could call me a "closet horror fiend".

How can you call tall man gay??????? I would bet you anything that if he caught you calling him gay, he would shove the ball down your throat and turn it on. God that sounds awful!

The Grunt said...

Nessa~ Keep telling yourself, "It's only a movie. It's only a movie!!!" But with this one you have to say, "If it didn't scare me, I must already be dead."

NYD~ Yeah, they may be low-budget affairs with less than stellar acting in some scenes, but they sure are a trip and fun to watch.

Karyn~ What other things don't you remember about the film you are embarrassed to admit that you love?

Lindzy~ If you are a fan of the Halloween and Friday the 13th films, this one is like those, but with added dimension.

Issy~ I am glad you came to Gruntonia and enjoyed it. I am one of those "horror fiends" as well. Just a refresher on That's Incredibly Gay Friday TIGF, I started this out as a way to celebrate stuff using the ambiguous meanings of the word gay. It's my little comment on that word, how it is used positively and negatively, funny, satirical, or just plain happy and flaming. I like for my audience to decide.

Issy said...

The boys came up with the term "gay friendliest" because they are a little disturbed at the sausage fest that they face everyday. Not my fault that there's 42 people here and only two girls!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Can you believe that I have never seen this? And I totally dig this kind of stuff!

Sun Follower said...

Never saw Phantasm... but I dated a guy in high school who had suped up 69 Camero!

LindzyPinzy said...

I love the Halloween Movies!

Kayla said...

Disturbing tall man!
Keep the whips away from be,

cash said...

You were able to tell the difference between a 440 wedge and a 426 Hemi in the cars in the movies??? What kind of mutant freak ARE you?

cindra said...

Okay, well. No. I don't remember these movies at all. In 1979 I don't think we paid any attention to the movies when we went to them.

The Grunt said...

O-Girl~ No, I can't believe it, and you call yourself a dark adventurer? They all feature bad acting, but the first one is the one with that sense of innocence lost, small town under attack, and dark revelations. That really makes it unique. The rest are just about amping up the gore and the freaky, but more so, stopping the Tall Man, which is not possible, or is it?

Sun~ I watched the girls go out with the guys that had the cool Cameros. I had the 1968 Plymouth Fury III station wagon that looked very hearse like and had a serious Mopar big block in it. Only goth and freaky girls gave me the time of day--if I was lucky. I wonder where "Ray-Gun Amber" is today?

Issy~ Gay friendliest, LOL! Will you preach TIGF to the sausage afflicted? It is ok to be TIGF and hetero. I know I am.

Lindzy~ You might like the first Phantasm. The rest seem to be more for the cult of Phantasm fiends, like me.

Kayla~ Whips are disturbing, unless one is into that sort of thing. But, whips as motation are alright!

Cash~ 'Tis a gift, my man. It is just a matter of deducing that most of the fast 'Cudas were 440 Wedges and the real special ones were 426 Hemi's. Hemi's have a particular exhaust note that is easy to identify. So, you hear that pop: Hemi. No Hemi pop: 440 Wedge. Any 'Cuda of that vintage with anything lesser doesn't deserve to be in a movie, other than as crash fodder. But, with the way vintage Mopar muscle is appreciating, I would gladly enter this arena with a slant-six Duster. I can then build it to the awesomeness that it deserves--even a lowly Duster! You can buy brand new 426 Hemi's and even a 528 Hemi, which can be had for only $10,000 to $13,000.

Cindra~ Gosh, don't tell me you were selling Amway during the movie! Oh, the other thing. Heh-heh! Yeah, that would've made "Tess" much more interesting.

Photogirl said...

creepy looking dude!

The Grunt said...

Indeed, Celeste. Hold me! Lower!!!