Thursday, November 23, 2006

Giving Thanks

I'm not going to say much (liar), other than I am grateful to have every single one of you hanging out with me and reading my stuff, even Cash. To those who were with me from the very start (Incorrible Vagabond, Dabugg, Scott, Maura, Pokey, RJW) I owe a debt of gratitude to. Seeing as how Scott seems to be the one who stuck with me out of that group, he gets the grand prize: Look in your belly button, Scott--I put some magical belly button lint in there to protect you from evil spirits! I did this using my little Grunt Army of pixies and doozers, those little construction guys from Fraggle Rock. I am their lord and master.

After that first wave of fandom came my real entry on the scene with Logo, Vera, Guggs, and Crystal. I kind of owe Thomas, one of my first commentors, (American Sweatpants, formerly a thousand other blog names) on donating Logo and Crystal, then I am sure that I got Vera and Guggs from Scott, oh, and I got Outdoorsy Girl, of whom I'm grateful too, from him as well. Thanks guys, that was mighty big of you. Somewhere, I got this sexy pair of eyes following me around: Dangerous "K". Also, a couple from Crystal: Markis and Heatherfeather.


The "All-Star Lurker Award" goes to
QT. My "All Star Reader Award" goes to Nessa (Goldennib). "Alternative Blog Reader All Star Award" goes to Beth (West of the Sun), for being my core supporter during my serial blogging days. My All Star Award for "Best Contributer" goes to Vera, for her participation in 120dB's. The All Star Award for "Motherly Advice and Brutality in Commenting" goes to Logo. My All Star Award for The "Most Elusive Blogger to My Blog That I am a Major Fan Of" goes to Jill Writes, who is super duper hot and brutally intelligent. The "Ever-Changing Avatar All Star Award" goes to Thomas. The "Best Avatar of All Time Award" goes to "Braids", which, sadly, no longer exists.

Along the way, I participated, and started, such contests as the great face off, the great ass off, and the great flip off.

Many more have come since then, and I am grateful for all. I probably got my share of business from Cash and Gentleman Hobbs. Then came along the flood of love from the rest of you all. I can't do the linky anymore; my hands are tired. Here I go: Sunfollower, Kels, Pants, Lindzy, Cindra, Just Tom, Celeste, Ernie, Egan, Jules, Christielli, Karyn, Kayla, JJ McFatty, NYD, Issy, Mona, Matt, Blogging for Scraps (Llama Guy), Niolk, Spacecake, Chandra, and Cora! I am sure that I have many more who lurk, so this is your chance to speak up and be appreciated.

I have got to know quite a few of you on a personal basis, maybe some of you a little too personal, but it has been great. I have no regrets in starting this blog. If I have promised you something "special", don't worry, I have just been busy and I always keep my promises. If you are curious as to what that is, email me.

Happy Thanksgiving!


goldennib said...

Oh, you! I love you, too, man.

Happy Thanksgiving. Come see my attack hand turkey, Charlie.

vera said...

flattery will get you everywhere... that and CHEESE... cheesey flattery is just a way of killing with kindness...
you know i love you for your mind, grunto... and those damn overalls!!

Scott said...

Thanks Grunt! I will cherish the lint always... glad to know that I am protected by the evil spirits. I will sleep much better this evening.

Happy Yanksgiving!


Karyn said...

Backatcha, baby.

Jules said...

Thanks Grunty! From your everloving fan of all that is YOU! I'm ever grateful I stumbled upon your blog. Did I spell grateful right? Who cares. I FEEL THE LOVE in this room and that's all that matters!! :O)

Great group of people... just a great group!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I'm grateful to have you around, too, Grunt.

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

I'm curious about this "special promise". What could you have up your sleeve now????

NYD said...

OK, I'll be honest. The whole time I was reading the blog I was hoping You would mention me. Yeah I know, I'm a dork!!!!

Thanks Grunt - OTTN And Happy Turkey day.

heatherfeather said...

happy thanksgiving grunters!

The Grunt said...

Nessa~ I love Charlie and I love you too. XXOOxoXO =D

Vera~ But, you like the brown ones. I only have blue overalls. I am no perfecto.

Scott~ You bet, man. Thanks for sticking with my sorry ass, well, metaphorically speaking, of course.

Karyn~ Backatcha never felt better!

Jules~ Now that I have you for life, it's time to start paying your Grunt Union dues. Bwahahahahahaha!

O-Girl~ It's special and it is secret...neener, neener!

NYD~ Just because I haven't got off my butt to put you on my sidebar doesn't mean I haven't got that planned down the pike. I always do a trial period just to see who is true to the cause of Gruntonia. It usually means you've commented like five times. I'm easy like that.

Heatherfeather~ Thanks! I hope you and Mr. Pants are doing Thanksgiving right.

Christielli said...

Thanks for the shout-out! :)

Yeah, I always get tired with the links too. That's why I have a blog roll at the side. ;)

Enjoy your Yanksgiving. I just learned that word from Scott.

Queue_t said...

oh my gosh! I love to lurk on your blog grunty.

I am thankful for you too, you are a great blogger and I love to read about your adventures.

Photogirl said...

aww, what a nice post! :)

Sun Follower said...

Happy Gruntsigiving!

Logophile said...

This post is so touching.
watch it though, I don't want to get any of the gooey chocolate in my hand.
Gotta keep that crunchy candy coating intact,
ya big sap.

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving Grunty McGrunterton.

Thanks for the shout out. Less than 6 degrees of virtual separation aint bad...

Thomas said...

I end up with a turkey on my head way more often than I would like.

I am not sure when I became that guy.

The Grunt said...

Christielli~ Don't mention it. You have become a regular here and I appreciate you.

QT~ How does it feel to be an All Star?

Celeste~ I am nice. You are nice. Isn't that nice?

Sun~ Thanks. Happy Birthday sometime this week!

Logo~ Candy good! Mongo like candy!!!

Guggs~ You have been with me since around March of this year, I believe. That is like five years in real life to one blogger year. So, how are the kids?

Thomas~ You are just curious, that's all. Women like that sort of thing.

Sun Follower said...

thanks (it's today...) :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

I think of you more often than I post- the other day I was in Jacksonville NC and passed a video place called "Gruntz"- and I wished I had my camera nearby so I could have taken pic to send to you!
And, just down the street from me is a guy who has a huge pick-up truck painted in army camo colors- and during Christmas he parks the truck in the yard and covers it in Christmas lights :) Yes, he makes me think of you too :)

You are in my thoughts more often than you'd probably like :)

Happy Thanksgivng- Hope you have a great weekend :)

jana said...

dude, if i would've known there would be awards, i would've commented a lot sooner! nah this is the first time i stumbled upon your blog. interesting read!
and now some famous words from arnold: "I'll be back!" which i will.

The Grunt said...

Sun~ Yeah, you better have had a good birthday.

Cora~ Are you sure that wasn't me?

Jana~ Me casa es su casa. Welcome to Gruntonia!

LindzyPinzy said...

aww that was kew! shanks:) I;m a little jealous of the lint Scott recieved but nontheless!

Melliferous Pants said...

Gobble gobble!