Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This clip is dedicated to Pants

It's a clip from one of my favorite dumb movies, ever: "Ruben and Ed".

This shot was taken at Pineview reservoir, only twenty minutes from where I live. This is where my pal Marlboro Man and I would spend our high school days taking his boat out and doing some serious water skiing. I can't remember just how many times I skipped school, but I'm sure that's one of the many reasons I almost flunked out. Thank goodness coach "C" and night school saved my sorry ass.

(Updated @ 11:20 PM MST: I heard that it was East Canyon reservoir, but upon further review, I have concluded that it is Pineview reservoir, which is about the same distance from where we lived and also a place where we sloughed school, bigtime. It would have made more sense to have filmed at Echo lake/reservoir. You'd have to see the film to get it.)


goldennib said...

I lost my speakers again, but the video was funny. I'm off to reload my drivers. This sucks big hairy ones.

"K" Fingerett said...

I don’t know if it’s the sugar coated cereal that I had this morning or what but that video gave me the giggles ^_^

His shoes were crazy and the kitty was too funny- I loved the crazy facial expressions :)

Oh, and I've never seen Ruben and Ed. :(

Still friends with Marlboro Man?

I've been just fine, Mr. Grunt Man. I've just been a bit busy with all the craziness around me.

I should get going-

-fun post!


Jules said...

It just might have been too early in the morning for me to watch this clip... it did make me chuckle, but I probably would have "gotten it" more if I were more awake. Haven't seen the movie, so that would probably help too. Beautiful lake, though!

Vera said...

*no words... just lots of nodding*

Gentleman-hobbs said...

love the last two posts Grunt, so funny it was change the trousers time again

goldennib said...

Because it's off camera, you don't see where I blew up the guy with the remote control. (Peace Day is over.)

Logophile said...

(snicker snicker)
Is it ok if I laugh at you?

cindra said...

I think if you are going to post stuff like this, you should be handing out the drugs to go with it...

I actually spit my soda out on my desk! What a TRIP!

Thanks, Grunty. I never know what I might find over here.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Very funny! This cat reminds me of SNL's Toonces, the cat who could drive...only a skiing cat is even cooler.

I wouldn't have recognized this as East Canyon Reservoir had you not mentioned it. It is lovely. Definitely worth skipping school for. :)

Just Tom said...

Now that was refreshing. We have a video store here in greenie Eugenie that claims to have every movie ever made. they keep them in a storage area in the back and you can look them up in this huge catalog. I gotta find out if they have Ruben and Ed. Too bad my pot smokin' days are over. This one is amost worthy of a comeback.

The Grunt said...

Nessa~ Big hairy ones are only good in certain situations. I hope you got your drivers up.

"K"~ The giggles are great, aren't they? I am glad that you are doing well, too. I have a lot of brotherly love for Marlboro Man, but we got in a big fight years ago. When I say fight, I mean bloody fist fight. I ended up throwing him in the hopper of a garbage truck. I am a peaceful man, but if I have to actually fight, I don't mess around. So, no, I haven't seen him in years. I hear he goes to work, gets home, drinks heavily, and watches TV with his dog. It's really sad and I have always felt bad about it. I mean, we were friends since second grade.

Jules~ Don't worry about getting it. This was a dream sequence. However, this whole film is waaaaay out there, big time.

Vera~ROFL, indeed!

G-hobbs~ I have to be careful. I don't want you having to go about town with mud butt. Where is town anyway? My money is in the Donny area. I lived in Bentely for a spell.

Nessa~ You should have taken pictures and emailed them to me.

Logo~ Laugh if you must, but no pointing. I'm not an animal. I am a human being!

Cindra~ My pleasure. I recommend a little yage for Gruntonian enhancement.

O-girl~ I made a correction. I was told that it was East Canyon, but I kept playing that clip over and over and concluded that it was Pineview, which is another one of our hangouts for water skiing. You basically can get to either one in about the same amount of time from where we lived.

Just Tom~ You might find it on VHS. Trent Harris, the director, did release it on DVD recently, but you had to order it directly from him. I have a dubbed copy on VHS. Yeah, I hear you on the pot. I am wackier sober, believe it or not. So, I live a sober life.

cindra said...

Grunt-Tom and I are way weirder sober...and it is so fun to freak the kids out with all the weird energy that we are living the sober life's worth it just to make them crazy...

I had to go to a canadian site that sells the yage to even know what it was and it had this warning...and it looked like petrified horse dongs...some weird vine. so here's a fun fact for you to know and share with all yer friends.

Caution: This product is a short-acting MAOI (Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitor). It is dangerous to combine SSRI's (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) and MAOI's. Doing so may result in a hypertensive crisis!

cindra said...


Thanks SO much for directing my husband to the source of that really artsy and interesting film. NOT.