Wednesday, November 29, 2006

WTF??? I need to sleep already!

This dude here, Blackbeard's Ghost, as he was calling himself, has been keeping me up all night (so far), insisting that we save his great, great grand daughter's inn by getting the local state college's underdog track team to win the big tri-conference track meet. WTF??? I need to sleep already!

No, it gets better. It turns out that he put a bet on the hapless track team using money from the auction that his GGGD's held in order to save their inn. He tells me that it is 50 to 1 odds. Shit, like I care. You know it's like, WTF??? I need to sleep already.

You'd think that I wouldn't listen to this Edward Teech fella, but he is quite the flamboyant and charismatic persona. He gave me some swashbuckling "what for" when I dissed his plan. However, I think going along with all of this might get me an in with the hot psychology professor at the school--she's a brunette, you know. But, I wonder if she would figure out that I'm really not crazy; I'm just with ghost. Yeah, WTF??? I need to sleep already.

But, you see, I have had some troubles dealing with the local mobsters. Jeez, these guys are real assholes, and they'd like nothing more than to take these old ladies and their inn and turn it into a casino. So, maybe I do need this ghost's help. Maybe I do need to help out the local college's track team win the big tri-conference meet. Maybe I will get some sweet psych professor lovin'! Shit yeah, it could happen!!! I mean, WTF??? I need to sleep already, but a man has to have a dream.

Look folks, it was either this or Flubber. I am a huge Peter Ustinov fan, so you can cram it with apples if you don't like my choice!


Spacecake said...

All I have to say is; WTF is one of my favorite letter combinations. WTF FTW.

I need to stop using so much internet slang.

Jules said...

Cute post, but I'm pretty sure you were already asleep while writing this one - do you have a habit of sleep-typing?

P.S. I never used WTF in real life till I started blogging. WTF's up with that?

Scott said...

Very.... strange!


vera said...

WTF??? You need to sleep already!

Jules: Yes, well, I'm prone to saying the actual word "sigh" rather than sighing. Sometimes I say "brb" than "be right back
Or, if you're familiar with it... typing "/me" in certain programming functions will procure an emote and I often find myself saying things like "slash me is going to the loo" or "slash me sighs"... Yah, imma geek that way...

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Keshi said...

WTF I love it but na I wont sleep on it LOL!


Karyn said...

What must it be like to live in your world, Grunty?

I have only ever heard "cram it with walnuts", but apples work as well!

Photogirl said...

wtf? is right!

Sun Follower said...

The Ambien is in the mail.

The Grunt said...

Alright, I couldn't sleep and decided to watch a DVD. The DVD was the Disney flick "Blackbeard's Ghost". I could totally see Adam Sandler remaking it.