Monday, November 13, 2006

I really admire this guy's chutzpa

I wonder, however, if this man could enlist the help of a certain tramp, a homeless avenger, yea, the mutant of the rails with mystical gypsy powers: Hobo Frankenstein!

Have any of you seen this creature? If you have, let me know.

The Who, concert was great, btw. I took about 26 seconds of video with my camera phone. It was right at that point where Roger screams "Yeeeeeeeeah" in "Won't get fooled again". It is really crappy sound and video. Maybe I'll post it on Youtube when I get the time. It was awesome, though. The opening act were The Pretenders. Chrissy was sooooo hot. I don't care how old she is; I want her!

My only gripe about The Who is that they did not play one song from Quadraphrenia. That is my favorite Who album. "Can you see the real me, preacher? Preacher???" I just wanted to hear that line sung live once in my life, because it is significant to me. I love the songs "One" and "Bellboy" amongst the obvious others off that album, too. Good news, though: Their new stuff really is great. Also, I used to feel that Pete was beginning to ditch athletic guitar work, as evident in some concert films I've seen in the past couple of decades. Not now. He was a demon! I was totally lost in his sound. Roger's vocals were so thick and gruff. The balls! Amazing, simply amazing.


LindzyPinzy said...

glad you enjoyed it:)

goldennib said...

I would gladly give that guy 4 bucks just because he's funny.

The concert sounds great.

Kayla said...

I think I would have enjoyed the Pretenders more than the Who.
(please don't throw rotten tomatoes at me!)

This hobo has my $4, and I want photo proof he whipped the ninjas

Karyn said...

That. Is THE. Funniest thing. I have seen. In Forever.

I have three bucks on me. I'll mail it to him.

Corner of Desperate and Creative, right?

NYD said...

Man, I have been gargling envy and washing my mouth out with frustration at the thought of missing such a show. I have been a loooong time fan of those silly scooter riding mods and I really wish I could have seen them perform one more time. My first and still favorite album (yeah, were talkin' vinyl)is Who's Next. Please post the vid. I'd love to see it!!!!!!!!

The Grunt said...

Lindzy~ Thanks, I think the last concert I saw before this was Sigour Ros. That was last May. That is too long to go without live music.

Nessa~ Yeah, me too.

Kayla~ You are a smart woman. Heck, I'd just want the photos of the ass kicking just for fun.

Karyn~ I think I spend a lot of time on that corner. I'm a bit more on Creative Street, though.

NYD~ Good to have you here. Who's Next is a great album and they played Baba O'Riely, Behind Blue Eyes, and Won't Get Fooled Again, from that album. They played a bunch off of Tommy as well. Pete's brother was playing 2nd guitar. I don't work around computers, so once I am at work I am totally away from getting a chance to post or comment. This also reduces the time I have to put things up, like video. I will try posting that video tonight. I have to pack a lot of 'puterin' in a short amount of time. So, don't feel let down if it doesn't happen right away.

blog Portland said...

When beggars ask me for change, I say "Change comes from within, my brother."

Miss Ash said...

I had a homeless man in NYC tell me a hilarious joke so i gave him some money. I like creative people.

Clearlykels said...

I would totally give that guy $4. Well, actually, the odds of me having $4 cash are usually slim to none, so I would give him what I have which is $1.57.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Awesome! I am so happy to hear that you had a kick ass time at the concert. I knew you would! There's nothing like listening to live music. And listening to The Who live...well, that just kicks ass on its own! I'm jealous. :)

Jules said...

Great to hear it was a blast! More to inspire you with!

Do you think he'd take a penny and a piece of gum instead?

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ the pic!

You needed to send them your memo, entitled "Please play these songs and I'll be your BFF"

Photogirl said...

hahaha! creative signage.