Thursday, November 30, 2006

TIGF!!!(That's Incredibly Gay Friday): Movies so bad they are TIGF good

This is just one example of what I am talking about. The clip is the best part of the film "Cabin Fever" by writer/director Eli Roth, also known for his gross out torture flick, "Hostel". Now, Hostel was way too much for me and never could redeem itself with any humorous moments. This clip "Pancakes", from Cabin Fever, makes this movie TIGF good. (Like how I can take TIGF to mean anything I want it to?) By the way, the "Pancakes" karate kid deserves some kind of Oscar for really nailing that moment on film. More people will remember that kid from that scene than any film, other than "My Cousin Vinny", that Marisa Torme has starred in.

I can think of countless other movies that are so TIGF that they are absolutely joyous. I can think of Crispin Glover's performance in "The River's Edge", with Keanu Reeves, as an example of this. Crispin goes way beyond over acting and into the realms of the absurd. I love this.

I actually got to meet Crispin Glover once. It was at his "Big Ass Slide Show" and showing of his film "What is It?". He is a very considerate, gentlemanly person. When he performs, he is waaaaaaay out there. By the way, only go see "What is It?" if you really want to be freaked out and/or offended. Seriously, you guys get a sense of how twisted I can be and even I was speechless after viewing that film. What was even stranger than seeing that movie was listening to Crispin answer the audience's questions after the film. I'd put up the trailer to the show, but I keep a PG-13 blog and that movie is an easy NC-17. By the way, Crispin's Dad, Bruce Glover, was a way TIGF villian in Sean Connery's James Bond "Diamonds are Forever". He was the dude that hung out with that other weird villian, that had the long hair with the bald top, spectacles, and a bushy mustache.

Hell, just go to Youtube and search for any Crispin Glover clip. You'll laugh your ass off.

Other than all that stuff, Crispin's "Jingle Dale" character from David Lynch's "Wild at Heart", with Nicholas Cage and Laura Dern, was absolutely hilarious and mondo strangeo. Hell, that whole movie was full of TIGF moments. Here is a link to a fun moment from that movie: Sailor clips (contains R-rated swears and some violence).

Crap, I had a bunch of other film moments to share with y'all, but my mind's gone blank. Okay, if you want to see something TIGF, with emphasis on the "G", watch this old Frankie Goes to Hollywood video: Relax (original funk version).

Oh yeah, check out the updated Pamela, Kid Rock, and KFC drawing on the previous post.


Photogirl said...

LMAO!!! oh man. that was way too funny. where do you find this stuff? (or find the time to find it? ;)

Logophile said...

The new and improved tatas are lovely.
Well done
MMMMM, doncha love pancakes?

Mayden's Voyage said...

I can't get over how many movies you've seen or know about-
(ok- to be fair- I've been raising kids for 13 I'm out of the loop on everything outside of Power Rangers, Sonic, Runescape, and Homestar Runner- :)-

I'm impressed~

Scott said...

Did you ever see the movie Shoot To Kill? Tom Berenger, Kirsty Alley and Sidney Poitier? That was a pretty homo-erotic movie. Yet very good at the same time.


Spacecake said...

hahahahahahahahaahah rofl, I saw that movie (Cabin Fever) but I don't remember a scence like that :''D hahaha, hilarious. On the other hand, I do remember the scence with the last guy who survives the virus, gets back to the cottage all healthy and when he's standing on the front porch screaming "I'M ALIVE, I'M ALIVE!" (or something like that) the cops come and shoot him because they think he's got it too \o/ That was soooooo funny. I think I rewinded that part about 10 times just to laugh at it all over again.

goldennib said...

Your Pam reminds me of the women from Austin Powers.

A Rabbi told me once when I was having major insomnia to take a saucer or soup bowl and fill it with salt water. Place the bowl on your bedside table. The salt water will attrack all of the thoughts that are keeping you awake. Flush the salt water down the toilet every morning.

Anonymous said...

she brought the mullet back.

The Grunt said...

Celeste~ Seriously? I just stay up real late and get hardly any sleep. The Grunt's creative process is one where the "Clark Kent" or "Tangk Tim" (an anagram of my real name) spends his day at work trying to escape mentally from his oppressive environment. I am out in the field and not around computers much of the day. I might get in on a break or something, so I tend to come up with ideas before hand. I then get home, chat with friends, and then I start my search for things that I want to post about. I usually can't find those things I wanted and take the crap that I found, make like I know what that crap is all about, and do a stream of consciousness post stringing all those random elements together. Viola! There is The Grunt for ya. Tangk Tim is a pretty swell guy. Just talk to those that know me more personally.

Logo~ Um, Donner Party pancakes? No.

Cora~ I live for movies!

Scott~ Yes I did, and I know exactly what you mean. LOL!

Spacecake~ YES! That part ruled!!! That movie was both disgusting and funny as hell.

Nessa~ Yes, the ones with the guns popping out of their nipples. I will have to try that salt water in the bowl thing. The main reason I haven't slept well is that I have been covering for my boss, but doing my night shift too. This means that I get to work at 5:30 AM until she gets there at about 8:00 AM. I go home and have to take care of things. It's then 1:30 PM and I am at work again until 10:30 PM. I then can't fall asleep until about 2:30 AM. It's a good thing I don't have enough time to ponder about how much of a life I don't have--for a person without kids. (But, at least a person with kids has kids!)

Guggs~ You have been under the influence of too much Chewbacca.

goldennib said...

Wow, that doesn't leave much time for your music does it?

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"K" Fingerett said...

huh... ::looks at the above comment:: haha...


Funny post, my dear Mr. Grunt Man.

and that is a... wonderful drawing... no really, its actually pretty cool :P

I say you draw some more ^_^


Gentleman-hobbs said...

I love their new bbq wrap as well. May I take this opportunity to thank our american cousins for fast food!

Anonymous said...

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Keshi said...



Christielli said...

I still love that drawing so much.

Bet if you sent it to one of the gossip blogs (perezhilton etc.) they'd so post it and you'd get a bajillion hits.

cindra said...

I see you have been working on your renderings of cleavage. Is that why you aren't getting enough sleep???

Jules said...

Well, it's Sunday night and I just got to the TIGF post now. So all I'll say is: good one, Grunty! Oh, and I like how you kept the anonymous comment about penis enlargment in your comments! ;OP